Are these the worst neighbours EVER? Shocking letter demands child 'tones it down'

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We all have a little bit of intolerence when it comes to noisy kids. Especially when they're not your own. But since having our own (extremely noisy) children, we're able to completely empathise with that frazzled mum we've seen so many times, who, just as much as everyone else around her (if not more), would like her child to behave.


We remember the days, pre-children, when we'd sigh or find ourselves biting our tongue when stuck somewhere with a noisy child that won't keep it down. And we've all once thought how inconsiderate it is that someone is inflicting their annoying child on us on an evening out that we're paying for. But no matter how annoying, we'd never dream of saying something (and manage to forget this quickly when our child is the noisy culprit!).


Here's someone who reacted in the complete opposite way. And this wasn't a case of being stuck with a noisy child at a romantic restaurant or in the cinema, but a child simply playing, as kids do, in their own back garden.


'Dear neighbour...'

This letter, which was posted through a neighbours' front door, has gone viral.

Image: Facebook/Twin Cities News Talk


The letter was stuffed through the letterbox of a resident in Arizona, and was picked up by US news site Twin Cities News Talk, who posted a picture of the letter on their Facebook page.


The neighbour, who makes a point of saying they've waited a year 'to give you time to correct this problem on your own', states how 'disruptive' it is when they allow their child to play in the garden. And how irritating it is when their small child runs free in their backyard and 'laugh and giggle and carry on without end.'


Have you ever complained to a neighbour? Or have you been on the receiving end? How on EARTH would you respond to this letter? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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This woman needs something to do. Get on with it, dare say you do not have children, God help them if you do. Life is too short to be told not to laugh and have fun. Probably you do not know how to laugh or have fun. I dare say we should feel very sorry for you. Mum never restrict your children from playing outside. I think if I lived next door to her I would have to arrange a big garden party with a live band!!!!!!! Get permission from the police first!!! Ha ha


We had a Nasty neighbour who woul actually threaten my kids even if they were in the garden. She would claim they were laughing at her, thy weren't! I had to call the police and the council to get her to stop! No way was I not letting my boys outside to be boys!


OMG!!!! How DARE this neighbour be so NASTY!! I am a mother myself and I know what I would be telling this neighbour!! And I wouldn't be as "civil"!!! Children are meant to be outside playing when the weather is nice... And with regards to his 2 dogs and bird... I am also an animal lover but COME ON!!! This is a bloody disgrace... Threatening to call the police on a child being a child and having FUN ENJOYING THEIR LIFE?!?!... They would laugh right in your ear and hang up!! To the parent - ignore this nasty piece of GARBAGE Sorry excuse for a " human being", swiftly Deming him / her that they were once a child their selves and to get a bloody GRIP!!


That's ridiculous! Oh you child is 'laughing too much'! What has the world come to?? I couldn't believe it when I read "limit their outdoor time to 15-20 mins a day". What a ridiculous thing to say-children need the outdoor time at LEAST an hour or two a day. It's like limiting the amount of time you let your pet out! What a ridiculous letter

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