'Being fat and ugly doesn't count as disabled' Cruel note left on disabled mum's car goes viral

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Disability isn't always visible - a fact which mum and PHD student Sarah Metcalfe knows all too well.

Sarah suffers from fibromyalgia, a long-term illness which causes severe pain all over the body. Whilst it isn't always obvious to outside observers, with symptoms including fatigue, muscle stiffness, IBS and paraesthesia, as well as the increased pain sensitivity, she understandably needs to take advantage of certain facilities from time to time, including disabled parking spaces. So you can imagine her horror when she emerged from a quick trip to the supermarket with her son Jack, and found this scathing note on her car:

Image: Facebook/Sarah Metcalfe

The 35 year old quickly took to social media to express her shock at the hurtful message, writing:

'I know I may not look ill, in fact I choose to smile rather than cry, but I do suffer from a long term condition that causes pain and fatigue all over my body.'


She continued below, 'Despite the fact that I work hard (I never take sick time), don't claim disability benefits (not that it's wrong for people that do) and I juggle work and family life I was really just having a BAD and very painful day.'

'Please don't be so quick to judge people by appearances. I fear one day you may say the same to someone and it could really push them over the edge.'

'Luckily I am open minded and know that appearances can be deceptive and that some people don't know these things. But I would just like to say to you if your reading this now that it's better to be kind than hateful- quite frankly you never know what kind of day a person is having and what the consequences of your actions will be.'

In a later interview with Metro, Sarah revealed that the cruel message has left both herself and her son in tears. According to the Daily Mail, she does not yet have a badge to display in her car, as she is still going through the application process.

Her post on Facebook has been shared more than 3,000 times, and Sarah says that she hopes to find the author of the note to highlight to them the impact that their words can have.

‘Just because I’m not in a wheelchair doesn’t mean I’m not disabled,’ she told the Mail. ‘I think the person who did this should come forward. I just want to talk to them about what it’s like to live with a disability like this.'

Would you ever tell someone not to park in a disabled bay if you suspected they didn't need to? Or are you just as appalled as Sarah at the note that was left on her car? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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She was PARKING ILLEGALY without a badge! And fibro isn't a "real" disease, there is no test for it and GPs diagnose it when there is no other cause for general pain

paula penny

Yes I too feel very disappointed with society when there a people who are so quick to judge. I am unfortunately overweight due to thyroid problems and suffer extreme pain in my feet with arthritis, albeit now being 58 years of age . I love to walk as that is the only way I get about due to not driving and would rather walk than travel on public transport, although at times my feet unfortunately do not let me walk too far so then have to catch the local transport busses. it is then and only then I take advantage of the busses and normally sit near the front due to the pain in my feet feel as though I am unable to go further up the bus. It is as people say just because they cannot see a physical disability assume that you are just as fit and well as anyone else and that yes I have had it said to me LAZY so I know how this young girl feels, none of us want to suffer pain, none of us want to have the health problems we have we do not ask for these , so bear with us whilst we try and survive and get by with these painful conditions. THANKS FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK UP AND VOTE WITH A VOICE.FOR THOSE WHO LIVE IN THE DISCOMFORT OF PAIN.


I'm guessing it wasn't personal, the writer probably hadn't seen her, was just because she didn't have a blue badge displayed.


I too am a 35 year old and I actually am a valid blue badge holder, I have to say that I get annoyed with people who park in disabled spaces when they are not entitled to! I feel that the person who wrote that message was probably fed up with finding yet another car parked in a disabled space with no blue badge on display! I don't think that there was any need to leave such a horrid message, but I also know that the law is the law and no one should park in a disabled space without displaying a valid blue badge. Whilst the message was a disgusting way of making this point, the person who wrote it was probably not a mind reader and would not have known that the person had health issues!


I by no means condone the abusive message. If someone was angry that she parked in a disabled bay without a disabled permit/Blue Badge then they should have reported her.


It dismays me how horrible people are. It's so wrong to judge people on the way they look - how do you know they are not disabled? Having said that Sarah shouldn't have parked in a disabled space if she didn't yet have a badge to display - that's the law. I am a blue badge user and it annoys me when people park in a disabled space without displaying a blue badge.

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