Most popular baby names

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Most popular baby names

Choosing a baby name for your little one is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make.

With the huge amount of names out there and the many different sources of inspiration to take them from, it's not exactly easy.

Browse through the most popular lists, from the last few years using the links below! See what's popular right now, whether you want to follow the trends, (or avoid them!), with our top 100 lists of the most popular baby names from the past four years and our round up of the top ten most popular names of the past 500 years!. From 2012 to now we've even outlined the top 10 for each year, so you can get a quick overview of the names that have been trending recently.

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Most popular names in the past 500 years
Girls' names
Boys' names

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Most popular girls' names



Babycentre have revealed the most popular baby names of 2015, and it seems the trend for names ending in 'a' is set to stay, with Olivia, Sophia, Amelia, Isabella and Ella all making the top 10.

Top 100 girls' names 2015

1. Olivia26. Phoebe51. Maryam76. Katie
2. Sophia27. Lucy52. Rosie77. Martha
3. Lily
28. Alice53. Jasmine78. Amy
4. Emily 29. Evelyn54. Bella79. Lara
5. Amelia30. Daisy55. Elizabeth
80. Penelope
6. Chloe31. Millie56. Maisie 81. Maria
7. Isabelle 32. Zoe57. Ivy82. Rose
8. Sophie
33. Anabelle58. Elsie83. Violet
9. Ella34. Florence59. Leah 84. Sara
10. Isabella
35. Ruby60. Darcey
85. Eloise
11. Ava36. Aria 61. Eliza
86. Summer
12. Isla37. Matilda62. Georgia
87. Harper
13. Mia38. Maya63. Aaliyah88. Lauren
14. Grace39. Molly
64. Lola89. Gracie
15. Jessica40. Abigail65. Amber
90. Alexis
16. Poppy
41. Holly66. Mila91. Clara
17. Evie42. Sienna
67. Ariana 92. Robyn
18. Emma43. Ellie 68. Eleanor
93. Paige
19. Nur44. Anna 69. Amelie
94. Iris
20. Freya45. Zara70. Madison95. Kayla
21. Hannah46. Thea71. Esme
96. Orla
22. Scarlett47. Emilia72. Meghan97. Faith
23. Layla 48. Erin73. Gabriella98. Alexa
24. Eva49. Imogen  74. Willow
99. Skye
25. Charlotte
50. Sarah75. Harriet100. Nicole

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The craze for royal baby names craze only got bigger in 2014. You'll find plenty of traditional, regal names in the top 100 list of 2014!

Top 100 girls names 2014

1. Amelia26. Florence51. Willow76. Aisha
2. Olivia27. Eva52. Bella77. Katie
3. Isla28. Sofia53. Annabelle78. Leah
4. Emily29. Millie54. Ivy79. Thea
5. Poppy30. Lucy55. Amber80. Darcie
6. Ava31. Evelyn56. Emilia81. Hollie
7. Isabella32. Elsie57. Emma82. Amy
8. Jessica33. Rosie58. Summer83. Mollie
9. Lily34. Imogen59. Hannah84. Heidi
10. Sophie35. Lola60. Eleanor85. Lottie
11. Grace36. Matilda61. Harriet86. Bethany
12. Sophia37. Elizabeth62. Rose87. Francesca
13. Mia38. Layla63. Amelie88. Faith
14. Evie39. Holly64. Lexi89. Harper
15. Ruby40. Lilly65. Megan90. Nancy
16. Ella41. Molly66. Gracie91. Beatrice
17. Scarlett42. Erin67. Zara92. Isabel
18. Isabelle43. Ellie68. Lacey93. Darcy
19. Chloe44. Maisie69. Martha94. Lydia
20. Sienna45. Maya70. Anna95. Sarah
21. Freya46. Abigail71. Violet96. Sara
22. Phoebe47. Eliza72. Darcey97. Julia
23. Charlotte48. Georgia73. Maria98. Victoria
24. Daisy49. Jasmine74. Maryam99. Zoe
25. Alice50. Esme75. Brooke100. Robyn


Flower baby names increased in popularity in 2013, with Lilly being knocked out of the top 10 to be replaced by Poppy, and Daisy and Rose as strong as ever in the top 100.



Top 100 girls' names 2013

1. Amelia26. Eva51. Maya76. Amy
2. Olivia27. Alice52. Amelie77. Bethany
3. Emily28. Lucy53. Lacey78. Violet
4. Isla29. Florence54. Willow79. Katie
5. Ava30. Sofia55. Emma80. Maryam
6. Jessica31. Layla56. Bella81. Francesca
7. Poppy32. Lola57. Eleanor82. Julia
8. Isabella33. Holly58. Esme83. Maria
9. Sophie34. Imogen59. Eliza84. Darcey
10. Mia35. Molly60. Georgia85. Isabel
11. Ruby36. Matilda61. Harriet86. Tilly
12. Lily37. Lilly62. Gracie87. Maddison
13. Grace38. Rosie63. Annabelle88. Victoria
14. Evie39. Elizabeth64. Emilia89. Isobel
15. Sophia40. Erin65. Amber90. Niamh
16. Ella41. Maisie66. Ivy91. Skye
17. Scarlett42. Lexi67. Brooke92. Madison
18. Chloe43. Ellie68. Rose93. Darcy
19. Isabelle44. Hannah69. Anna94. Aisha
20. Freya45. Evelyn70. Zara95. Beatrice
21. Charlotte46. Abigail71. Leah96. Sarah
22. Sienna47. Elsie72. Mollie97. Zoe
23. Daisy48. Summer73. Martha98. Paige
24. Phoebe49. Megan74. Faith99. Heidi
25. Millie50. Jasmine75. Hollie100. Lydia


It looks like the London Olympics of 2012 really did inspire a generation, according to the top names of this year. Can you spot the Olympic influences?

Top 100 girls' names 2012

1. Amelia26. Ruby51. Darcey76. Willow
2. Lily27. Scarlett52. Lola77. Faith
3. Emily28. Alice53. Elizabeth78. Beth
4. Sophia29. Layla54. Leah79. Alexandra
5. Isabelle30. Hannah55. Matilda80. Iris
6. Sophie31. Eva56. Summer81. Harriet
7. Olivia32. Imogen57. Elsie82. Violet
8. Jessica33. Millie58. Ellie83. Lara
9. Chloe34. Daisy59. Zara84. Martha
10. Mia35. Abigail60. Rosie85. Rebecca
11. Isla36. Amy61. Kayla86. Seren
12. Isabella37. Zoe62. Esme87. Gabriella
13. Ava38. Megan63. Amber88. Tilly
14. Charlotte39. Maisie64. Georgia89. Naomi
15. Grace40. Phoebe65. Bethany90. Sarah
16. Evie41. Maya66. Rose91. Clara
17. Poppy42. Anna67. Evelyn92. Nicole
18. Lucy43. Eliza68. Lexi93. Elise
19. Ella44. Caitlin69. Niamh94. Mila
20. Holly45. Amelie70. Katie95. Annie
21. Emma46. Jasmine71. Alyssa96. Sara
22. Molly47. Florence72. Lauren97. Bella
23. Annabelle48. Sienna73. Heidi98. Francesca
24. Erin49. Madison74. Gracie99. Elena
25. Freya50. Eleanor75. Skye100. Libby


Most popular boys' names


Muhammad topped Babycentre's list of boys' names for 2015, closely followed by last year's top two, Oliver and Jack.

Top 100 boys' names 2015

1. Muhammad
26. Isaac51. Matthew
76. Jude
2. Oliver
27. Aiden52. Teddy77. Jamie
3. Jack28. Finley
53. Elliot
78. Evan
4. Noah29. Dylan54. Toby79. Owen
5. Jacob 30. Joseph55. Arthur80. John
6. Harry31. Liam56. Connor 81. Tommy
7. Charlie
32. Theo57. Reuben82. Felix
8. Ethan33. Samuel
58. Caleb83. Dominic
9. James34. Benjamin59. Gabriel84. Rory
10. Thomas35. Archie60. Luca85. Cameron
11. Joshua36. Jayden61. Ollie86. Aarav
12. George
37. Harrison62. Ben87. Sam
13. William38. Nathan63. Ali88. Dexter
14. Daniel
39. Michael64. Eli
89. Nathaniel
15. Leo
40. Mason
65. Riley90. Jason
16. Ryan41. Sebastian66. Aaron91. Seth
17. Alexander
42. Jackson67. Callum92. Blake
18. Henry
43. Jake
68. Tyler93. Jenson
19. Max44. Luke69. Omar94. Jasper
20. Oscar45. Edward70. Austin95. Joel
21. Logan46. Zachary71. Hugo96. Leon
22. Alfie47. Alex72. Finn97. Harley
23. Adam
48. Elijah
73. Harvey98. Stanley
24. Lucas49. Lewis74. Ahmad99. Andrew
25. Freddie50. David75. Ayaan
100. Bobby

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Traditional boys' names continued to hold their popularity in 2014, and we can't help think that little Prince George had something to do with it. Yet again the young prince makes the top 10 in 2014.

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Top 100 boys names 2014

1. Oliver26. Max51. Reuben76. Liam
2. Jack 27. Mohammed52. Michael77. Kai
3. Harry28. Benjamin53. Elijah78. Gabriel
4. Jacob29. Mason54. Kian79. Connor
5. Charlie30. Lucas55. Tommy80. Aaron
6. Thomas31. Edward56. Mohammad81. Frederick
7. George32. Harrison57. Blake82. Callum
8. Oscar33. Jake58. Luca83. Elliot
9. James34. Dylan59. Theodore84. Albert
10. William35. Riley60. Stanley85. Leon
11. Noah36. Finley61. Jenson86. Ronnie
12. Alfie37. Theo62. Nathan87. Rory
13. Joshua38. Sebastian63. Charles88. Jamie
14. Muhammad39. Adam64. Frankie89. Austin
15. Henry40. Zachary65. Jude90. Seth
16. Leo41. Arthur66. Teddy91. Ibrahim
17. Archie42. Toby67. Louie92. Owen
18. Ethan43. Jayden68. Louis93. Caleb
19. Joseph44. Luke69. Ryan94. Ellis
20. Freddie45. Harley70. Hugo95. Sonny
21. Samuel46. Lewis71. Bobby96. Robert
22. Alexander47. Tyler72. Elliott97. Joey
23. Logan48. Harvey73. Dexter98. Felix
24. Daniel49. Matthew74. Ollie99. Finlay
25. Isaac50. David75. Alex100. Jackson


Royal baby fever hit us in 2013 with the arrival of Prince George, so it's no surprise then, that a fair few of the royals' names have crept up the rankings in the top 100 list of 2013!


Top 100 boys names 2013

1. Oliver26. Lucas51. Ryan76. Elliot
2. Jack27. Mason52. Tommy77. Louis
3. Harry28. Logan53. Michael78. Theodore
4. Jacob29. Isaac54. Reuben79. Gabriel
5. Charlie30. Benjamin55. Nathan80. Ollie
6. Thomas31. Dylan56. Blake81. Aaron
7. Oscar32. Jake57. Mohammad82. Frederick
8. William33. Edward58. Jenson83. Evan
9. James34. Finley59. Bobby84. Elliott
10. George35. Freddie60. Luca85. Owen
11. Alfie36. Harrison61. Charles86. Teddy
12. Koshua37. Tyler62. Frankie87. Finlay
13. Noah38. Sebastian63. Dexter88. Caleb
14. Ethan39. Zachary64. Kai89. Ibrahim
15. Muhammad40. Adam65. Alex90. Ronnie
16. Archie41. Theo66. Connor91. Felix
17. Leo42. Jayden67. Liam92. Aiden
18. Henry43. Arthur68. Jamie93. Cameron
19. Joseph44. Toby69. Elijah94. Austin
20. Samuel45. Luke70. Stanley95. Kian
21. Riley46. Lewis71. Louie96. Rory
22. Daniel47. Matthew72. Jude97. Seth
23. Mohammed48. Harvey73. Callum98. Robert
24. Alexander49. Harley74. Hugo99. Albert
25. Max50. David75. Leon100. Sonny


The London Olympics had quite a resounding influence on everything in 2012, not least on baby names! See if you can spot which were inspired by the games in our list of the most popular from that year.

Top 100 boys names 2012

1. Harry26. Alexander51. Aaron76. Leon
2. Jack27. Lewis52. Finley77. Cameron
3. Oliver28. Leo53. Michael78. Jude
4. Charlie29. Tyler54. Zachary79. Harley
5. James30. Jayden55. Mason80. Blake
6. George31. Zac56. Sam81. Harvey
7. Thomas32. Freddie57. Muhammad82. Tom
8. Ethan33. Archie58. Connor83. Hugo
9. Jacob34. Logan59. Ben84. Finn
10. William35. Adam60. Reuben85. Bobby
11. Daniel36. Ryan61. Theo86. Hayden
12. Joshua37. Nathan62. Ryhs87. Kyle
13. Max38. Matthew63. Arthur88. Jasper
14. Noah39. Sebastian64. Caleb89. Tommy
15. Alfie40. Jake65. Dexter90. Eli
16. Samuel41. Toby66. Rory91. Kian
17. Dylan42. Alex67. Jenson92. Andrew
18. Oscar43. Luke68. Evan93. John
19. Lucas44. Liam69. Gabriel94. Louie
20. Aidan45. Harrison70. Ewan95. Dominic
21. Isaac46. David71. Callum96. Joe
22. Riley47. Jamie72. Seth97. Elijan
23. Henry48. Edward73. Felix98. Kai
24. Benjamin49. Luca74. Austin99. Frankie
25. Joseph50. Elliot75. Owen100. Stanley

Past 500 years!

If you're looking for a real classic baby name then look no further. History website studied over 34 million christening records to come up with the most popular names in Britain over the past 500 years. As you'd expect, these little numbers are traditional and include plenty of royal names like Mary and Elizabeth for girls and George and William for boys.

This list is perfect if you're looking for something that will stand the test of time.

Continued below...

Top 10 most popular girls' and boys' names from past 500 years

1. Mary
6. Jane
1. John
6. Robert
2. Elizabeth
7. Alice
2. William
7. Charles
3. Sarah
8. Ellen
3. Thomas
8. Henry
4. Margaret
9. Annie
4. George
9. Joseph
5. Ann
6. Florance
7. James
8. David
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