The 'real' story behind the Royal portrait

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We know you've seen them by now. This weekend, Kensington Palace released those truly gorgeous pictures of little Prince George and his two-week-old sister Charlotte, cuddling angelically at their family home of Amner Hall in Norfolk - and the best part of it all? They were taken by none other than their mum, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Now, Kate may well be handy with a DSLR lens, but any parent who has whipped out a camera within a ten-foot radius of their newborn will know that this family photoshoot CANNOT have been as simple and perfect as these snaps make it seem. From hidden vomit stains to a kiss that's actually a bit of a bite (ouch!), here's how we think it REALLY went down when the royal babies were posing on that pristine white couch...

Firstly, can we just talk about the fact these children are wearing WHITE?!

White clothes. On a white sofa. It's an act of courage that only someone as blessed as Kate could dare consider.

To be fair, it's probably why that cushion is there in the background

No, it's not a back support...

And that loving brotherly kiss?

If this was our kids, they'd probably have drawn blood by now.

In this one, we reckon there's a bit of a distraction work at play

No child sits still like that without a cuddly toy or a chocolatey bribe in the background.

Or hey, for all we know, maybe Wills IS the sofa?

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All we do know is that after about four hours of crowing 'come on, give us a smile George!', he most likely felt a bit like this

And the only geniune smile of the day they managed to achieve?

Courtesy of Lupo the dog, being naughty and stealing a sandwich. Not daddy. Of course.

Charlotte, meanwhile, looks like she was busy doing one of those poos, you know the kind, where the nappy just isn't enough

Up the thighs, down the back, for sure.

It was probably about 3pm before Kate actually managed to take a photo

One where George wasn't pulling a face like this, anyway.

But eventually, they somehow found a split second with no mess, crying or nappy disasters, and the result was pretty spectacular

Finally, something Great Granny can be proud to put on her mantlepiece.

Even if, immediately afterwards, George started having a tantrum because those knee-high socks were just 'too blue.'

Continued below...

Hey, just another day in the life of being a picture-perfect Royal parent, right guys?

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Why do the people who write these articles always seem to have the most obnoxious families; children, and experiences? They BRAG about having messy, noisy, stupid, and uncooperative children. Either they are lying about their children, marriages, and experiences, or they are completely incompetent. What is the point? Do they think it is funny to live a life of chaos and upheaval? Rather than writing columns about catastrophes, why don't they take a class in parenting? They owe it to their children! Her snarky remarks about the white pillow covering up a stain on the white sofa was just hateful! Clearly, the pillow is to support the head of the little princess, since George still has very short arms. Why LOOK for a way to insult people, when they clearly did something intelligent and necessary and kind? Also, what is wrong with dressing children in white? They have white diapers, tee-shirts, socks, shoes, bonnets, blankets, and cover-ups. It is "natural" to want to SEE any dirt and stains on a baby. "Hiding" dirt is not something you want to do with babies! My child was a happy baby, a sweet toddler, and a nice little girl. She is now grown and is a very nice woman. As a child, she was smart and curious and lively, but had no desire to scream, disobey, break things, or make messes. She was either eating, or playing, or napping, or taking a bath, or getting dressed, or changing clothes, or having something to drink, or "reading," or going somewhere, or playing with the dog, or in her stroller, or in her playpen, or watching TV, or "talking" to us, or being snuggled, or hearing a story, or sleeping. She had so many things to do, I don't know when she would have had time to have a temper tantrum. Also, she didn't see others doing it, so where would she have learned such anti-social behavior? When it was necessary for her to "be quiet" (such as in church, at a play, or at someone's house, I would just hold her and kiss her head and whisper that she needed to "be still" and that was that. She never acted up in restaurants; she loved to be around happy people and food. In fact, I believe that MOST babies are happy and don't result to such nasty behavior. My child never had a temper tantrum; why is that kind of behavior considered "normal?" I don't see how it could be. After watching a woman on a plane "encouraging" her child to scream her head off, I'm convinced it is a "taught" behavior.

lally Barrett

Are they sitting on one of those cheap Ikea sofas?

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