'Thanks, "anti-vaxxers". I hope you get polio' Dad's angry rant to parents who don't vaccinate their children goes viral

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Neal Cohen 'anti-vaxxers' rant baby
A father's Facebook post has been shared more than 35,000 times - after targeting 'anti-vaxxers', who chose not to vaccinate their child.

Neal Cohen, dad to 5-month-old Zara, penned the angry message after finding out that his daughter has the measles. In it, he refers to those who do not vaccinate as 'idiots', 'who graduated from the University of Google', suggesting that they are more influenced by online resources than statistics, which he presents himself, saying that 'Nearly 100% of doctors agree that the benefits of vaccination greatly outweigh any risks associated with administration of the vaccines'.

According to Neal, 'vaccination is not a choice; it is a social responsibility.'

'Your selfishness (or perhaps more accurately, the fact that you are a f*cking moron) has put an entire new generation of children at risk to contract diseases that had been a non-issue for more than 100 years,' he writes.

Along with his furious post, Neal shared this image of his daughter with evidence of her illness on show:

Image: Facebook/Neal Cohen

Neal's post in full:

'A message to all anti-vaxxers:

Well, today we found out that my 5 month old daughter has the measles. Think about that for a infant child contracted a disease that until recently had been virtually eradicated from our society. She is too young to be vaccinated (they get the MMR vaccine at 12 months) and so she is entirely reliant on the people around her to have the good sense to get theirs. It's called herd immunity.

Here's the thing about herd immunity; it only works if you have an overwhelming number of intelligent people surrounding idiots such as yourself. In other words, your justification of an irresponsible decision is that there are enough people around you being smart that you can afford to be stupid. Unfortunately, your "movement" has given other stupid people the impression that they should have a choice whether or not to vaccinate their children.

Vaccination is not a choice; it is a social responsibility. If everyone were to treat this social responsibility with the same disregard that you have, thousands and perhaps millions of children would be exposed to diseases that cause blindness, meningitis, encephalitis, croup, and other preventable complications. Your selfishness (or perhaps more accurately, the fact that you are a f*cking moron) has put an entire new generation of children at risk to contract diseases that had been a non-issue for more than 100 years.

92% of doctors in North America are in agreement that the recent "anti-vax" movement is to blame for the resurgence of diseases like whooping cough and the measles. Nearly 100% of doctors agree that the benefits of vaccination greatly outweigh any risks associated with administration of the vaccines. Unfortunately, we have an outbreak of physicians who recently graduated from the University of Google that have outsmarted western medicine. Therefore I'd like to THANK YOU, in the most sarcastic tone possible, for the risk you've reintroduced to society's most at-risk, susceptible citizens. If your school age child contracts the measles, and your child infects others, you should be charged with criminal negligence. Of course that won't happen, but a guy can dream, can't he?

So thanks, "anti-vaxxers". I hope you get polio.

Since sharing his thoughts, Neal has been told that Zara actually has is 'Roseola, otherwise known as baby measles. It is more common with infants and there is no vaccine,' he explains in a comment under the original piece.

'That said, I stand by my post. I've received a number of messages since my original post from parents of children with compromised immune systems due to allergies, chemotherapy, etc. who appreciated the message being circulated. Their children's lives are at risk every day by those who support the ridiculous anti-vaccine argument, so I chose to leave it as is.'

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Golden Bears!

Have you tried having the mmr again? I have had to have mine three times, once at birth and twice more fot different universities because my family lost the first record and the college expunged the second record before I hit grad school. You could not attend either full time without the mmr. I had no side effects from those extras. I wonder how stellar my titers are! That said, I had a very toxic feeling reaction to the tetanus booster and I'm hearing that is less uncommon lately. Interesting about Roald Dahl, perhaps that's why he was so notoriously bitter and unpleasant. Very sad.

phoenix songbird

Plus there are some people who can't get the vaccines or whose bodies reject them. For example I had my mmr shot and my boosters but I have 0 immunity to the mumps! I had a tither done for a job at a summer camp and sure enough the doctor showed me. I have immunity to measles and rubella but not mumps. That means I have no choice but to rely on herd immunity (which I don't want to in this day and age of people who don't vaccinate). While it is true that the chances of getting the disease are slim, once you get it the chances of it being life threatening are high (especially if you are little, Ronald Dahl lost his daughter to measles).


It concerns me that you think this, Marc. On what do you base this belief? Do you feel you are able to accurately assess whether a piece of information is valid scientific evidence or pseudoscience?


I don t agree at all.....vaccinations are dangerous.period.


i am sick and tired of these anti-vaxxers, i am not a violant person by nature, but i will say this, i have a compromised immune system and if i catch the person responsible for infecting me with a preventable disease because they did not vaccinate, then i WILL become violant towards that person, i would like to suggest to all governments that people that contract a preventable disease and were not vaccinated should be made to foot the medical expense out of their own pockets.

Susan Foyle

I agree, my children got all the vaccines available. I often heard parents comment that as most illnesses such as mumps etc were very rare "these days" it was more harmful to get the vaccines than not. The idiots didnt seem able to grasp the concept that the vaccines were the reason for diseases being rare occurences doh!


I totally agree with what Neal says, we are given the chance to protect our child, which is what we are meant to do, not put them at risk of a disease, that could & should of been prevented. Have them parents not seen the pictures of children that have caught measles & what it can do to them, yet they still put there child & other children at risk, its child cruelty & only us as parents can do the right thing.

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