Katie Price has landed herself in a spot of hot water, all over these car seat pictures...

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Katie Price
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Katie Price has come under fire from mums on her Instagram account calling her up on her kids' car seat saftey.


The mum of five posted the following photos of Jett and Princess, with the other kids in the car and Katie and her husband Kieran riding up front. 


Image: Facebook/officialkatieprice


At first glance they all look like very innocent pictures of a family road trip. Within minutes, however, commentors on her account started drawing attention to the safety of the children.


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Many spotted the fact that Princess wasn't using a booster seat and that her seat belt was under her arm pit, rather than over her shoulder, where it should be to hold her in place during a crash.


One wrote:'I love katie.. but i do think when its something so obvious as not having your child in a booser/carseat your going to get people who comment on it. Theres no reason not to put saftey first when it comes to your children.'


The law in the UK states that all children must use a child car seat until they're 12 years old, or 135cm tall, whichever comes first. Princess turns eight at the end of June, but some women came to Katie's defence commenting that she could have exceeded the height restriction:


One said: 'My daughter is 9 but is tall enough not to need a booster... its all about the height and parents choice!'


A second photo, of Katie's son Jett, who's 22 months old, also attracted attention for being in a forward-facing seat.


Image: Facebook/officialkatieprice


While UK law on car seats states that children must travel rear-facing up to 15 months, many campaigners are calling for this age to be brought up, as rear-facing is much safer for infants in the event of a crash. Other European countries advise that children should stay rear-facing up to the age of four. 


Katie's done nothing wrong in this photo of Jett, however mums were quick to give their opinion. One said: 'An extended rear facing seat really is the best and safest for a child this age. I find impact shields a bit scary.'


However, another added: 'She's had 5 children, I think she knows how to keep them safe.'


Unfortunately Katie, being a mum in - or out of - the public eye will always attract critics and judgement. So far there's been no word from Katie regarding the comments on her Instagram page.


What do you think about the debate? How long did you keep your kids in rear-facing seats? Let us know in the commets section below.

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I'm not too keen on KP but upon reading this, the woman isn't stupid and I'm quite sure she knows how to keep her children safe, when she went to buy the car seat for Jett I'm sure she would have ASKED the staff if it was OK for him to fit that particular one, and they must be safe, otherwise they wouldn't meet safety reg's and they wouldn't be sold! Get off you're high horses people and don't judge until you know the facts and are perfect yourselfs!

Briony Slimmon

For goodness sake! why not leave people alone, the little girl's arm is only up above the seat belt because of a photo in which she raises her arms. My kids never had a rear facing seat and both survived, in fact when my firstborn was little we did not even have to have seabelts

gabby evans

oh have u measured her then

gabby evans

i wasnt referring to this particular picture


If you look then it is her husband driving so who is ignorant?


As princess exceeds the height for a booster seat then what is the problem? She could have simply slipped her arm out of the belt to raise her arms up whilst singing, parents can't watch kids 24/7 as well as drive? As to the child being rear facing, I assume that Jett was like my grandson, in that his weight exceeded the one for the rear facing seat, and we had to move him up, buying the best we could for that age. I am sick of people having a go at her when she does nothing different from 99.9% of other mums in using the correct seat for weight/height. You do NOT have to use a booster seat in a car if one is not available. Do you abuse everybody who offers a lift to a child as well?

gabby evans

very true


she has been out of the news or a few weeks, so perhaps these photos were put up on purpose to obtain a response, publicity is her aim, good or bad.

gabby evans

shes an iignorant woman who thinks shes above the law including her own driving


I have children myself, and have always adhered to the rules, but I must say that if I was in the public eye, that I would be extra vigilant! You must lead by example!! I am sure that after reading the comments, she will do thing differently next time! x

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