Double barrel baby names: The latest baby name trend

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Double barrel baby names
Double barrel baby names are becoming ever more popular.

Not only do double-barrelled names add a certain unique edge to your baby's moniker, but they're the perfect solution for couples who can't decide between two names. Why not have both?

The trend seems to be particularly popular for girls' names. In 2014 over 1,200 baby girls in England and Wales were given hyphenated baby names - compared to just 260 in the year 2000. In fact, one in six parents chose a double-barrelled name for their baby girl.

Although it's stronger with names for girls, the trend certainly doesn't exclude boys, as the number of boys given double-barrelled names in the UK is now around 10 times as great as it was in the 90s.

The most popular pairing name is as an absolute classic: Rose, with the most popular hyphenated names of the year being listed as Amelia-Rose, Lily-May, Billie-Jo, Esmae-Rose, Dolly-Rose and Summer-Rose.

At the time, baby name expert and author Laura Wattenberg pointed out that the trend for double-barrel baby names was rather UK-centric.

'This is absolutely a British trend. It is not a trend in North America, it's not a trend in Australia,' she told the Telegraph. 'It is one of a couple of ways in which UK naming trends are totally charting their own direction from the rest of the English-speaking world.'

Tempted by a double-barrelled name for your baby? Here are some of our favourite options for both boys and girls - but many of the second names will work well with any first names you already have in mind...

Double-barrelled names for girls


Double-barrelled names for boys


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Did you choose a double-barrelled name for your baby? Let us know what combination you chose in the comments section below!

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My name is katie-jayne

karen garraghan

I must be a trendsetter. as my children are called Sara-Jayne (46) Tracey-Anne (44), Carli-Marie (30), Jaimee-Louise (28) and Reanna-Kate (24)


My daughters first name is Emmi middle name Rose, not double barreled but as a baby she was always called Emmi-Rose, where as my niece is a double barreled name Tilly-May but she was always known as just Tilly by everyone but her parents but even they dropped the May, eventually, my great nephew is jamie-john & we have to call him it or my neice tells you, my grandson is bentley-jay but only the school call him that. Its nice having these double barrel names but its such a mouth full saying them.


Some nice names here, but a lot of these could be meant as middle names, and sometimes the second name is dropped and only the first name used anyway! My first name's Sarah and my middle name is Jane, and a lot of people, on seeing it written down, put the two names together, as in Sarah-Jane, and think that's my full name!

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