Boy sent home from school due to 'severe' haircut which he styled on his favourite footballer

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Garry Hill who was sent home from school for his 'severe' haircut
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We all know that rules are rules.


And we all know that school rules in particular can be something of a minefield for parents, which was exactly the mistake that Garry Hill made when he arrived for his first day of secondary school at Astely Sports College in Dunkinfield, Cheshire.


Just moments after turning up, Garry was questioned about his eye-catching hairstyle, which he had modelled on his favourite footballer, Manchester City player, Sergio Aguero.


He was then told that his shoes were also deemed to be trainers and not proper school shoes before his mother Abigail, 30, was phoned to come and collect her son from the school due to his 'severe' haircut and unacceptable shoes. 


Garry Hill was almost instantly sent home on his first day at secondary school for his 'severe' haircut.


Garry's dad, also called Garry, was furious when he heard the news and drove straight down to the school to complain. He said:


'I was told the haircut was unacceptable. I said I would take him home and shave out the lines. But then I was told his shoes were unacceptable.

'I told them I had bought them from Tresspass from their back to school range.

'They are solid shoes with proper rubber soles. They look like shoes. They are shoes. He'd been to the induction day in them and I was told they'd be fine.'


But Headteacher Eamonn Murphy insisted that the decision was final and that school rules and standards of dress and appearance are posted to parents before the start of the school term.


Manchester City fanatic, Garry, said he'd styled his hair on his favourite player, Sergio Aguero.


He explained that pupils who do not abide by the hairstyle rules are given an hour to rectify the situation and may borrow a pair of appropriate shoes until they have a new pair of their own.


He said: 'These are the rules and parents know them. If there's something where we feel we have done wrong, we will of course apologise.'

'We don't allow trainers at the school and that's in line with many schools today. He wasn't happy about that and he decided to take his son home.

'I have pointed out to Mr Hill that those rules are on our website and we have sent him a letter about it that actually trainers aren't appropriate. It could not be any easier.


The 'severe' haircut was enough to have Garry sent home from school.

'These are the standards we expect and that would have been very clear to parents and prospective parents.'

Father-of-six Garry then went home with his son and shaved out the two lines on the sides of his son's head.

He said: 'It was just ridiculous. It was his first day at a new school. I was happy to sort his hair and I could have got him more shoes at a later point.

'They could have just said 'we have a couple of issues with his hair and shoes' and it could have been sorted.


'I was willing to be flexible if they were. There was no mediation. My son is confused about the school.

'He doesn't know whether he wants to go back there or not. We're talking about getting him into a new school.'


The news comes on the same day that The Nottingham Post reported that 50 children had been sent home from Djanogly City Academy in Nottingham for wearing the wrong type of shoes. 


Over 50 pupils were sent home from a school in Nottingham for wearing inappropriate footwear, including the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox Leather Mono Trainer.


The school enforced a uniform crack-down on the first day back which saw over 100 pupils taken out of class and more than half of them sent home for wearing trainers and flip flops.



What do you think to sending kids home on account of inappropriate clothing or hairstyles? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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Margaret Dean

I agree with the school policies are set fi or a reason we had to abide by school rules when I was in senior school but we had to do detention as there were no mobile phones and very few people had land lines and we had to take letter home with regards the detention and why and parents had to go into school to see the headmaster


Does a hair style really make any difference or shoes for that matter should it be about learning as the saying goes don't judge a book by the cover your dress or shoes don't make you a beeter person


We have the same problem at my daughters school, one week her skirt was fine, right length, next week she's in isolation because its to short, so bought her a new one, took it in for her to change into, showed the teacher it, perfect skirt he said, nothing wrong with it, next week she's not aloud to wear it they have changed there skirt rule to a "a line style", my daughter had a skater style, that came to her knees, my daughter decided to wear trousers, so they couldn't complain about the length of them, but they are checking to see if they are to straight legged, plus they check there socks to make sure they are plain black & no pictures on them. I think schools have got worse, its like a competition between them, who can set up the most stupidest rule. I'm surprised that the children have time to learn anything, if all the teachers do is scrutinize them.


Most schools have rules on extreme haircuts and trainers so in this case I don't think the school were at fault.


All pupils should dress in accordance with school policies, as for hairstyles , what does it matter? Also teachers should also have the same uniforms, practice what you preach!


the hair cut was extreme but easily rectified, as for the shoes, so long as they are the right size, comfortable, practical and not a "designer label" fashion statement it doesnt matter what they have on their feet. they are there to learn, not be bullied by teaching system by being sent home so they lose out on their vital education! what about those poor kids who can only wear trainer style shoes for medical reasons, are they next?

Alison gill

Agree with school but he should not have been sent home .A letter or phone call to the parents should have been the action taken .I also agree that the teachers need to be smarter and casual clothes for them should not be allowed either !


I absolutely agree. Parents should make sure their kids dress appropriately for school. On the other hand, at least he WAS at school.

fay clarke

Parents should know better than to send their children to school looking like that. It is not a fashion show but a place to learn.


Schools need to look at what there staff wear as well, where my daughter goes the staff look a mess. I don't think there is anything wrong with the lads hair or shoes, its not going to affect his school work. What about the face veils they are allowed and what part of a BRITISH school uniform is that. Power crazy school teachers we can do without.


I agree with you. Should not be allowed!


I agree with the school rules. They are made clear well before the start of school so there is no excuse.

J knowles



Absolutely agree with the school. Rules are there for a reason and all parents are made aware of them before term starts. What a ridiculous hairstyle anyway! Just because a company names their shoes as school shoes does not mean they are! Parents need to start getting a grip and abide by the rules and back the teachers up. The reason we have so many problems with children's behaviour is the fact that parents allow them to flout the rules in the first place.


Well if he was my child, he wouldn't have an earring to start with! That haircut looks ridiculous and would NOT have been allowed by me! As for the shoes, well his parents know the rules and should abide by them!


Absolutely agree with the school! The parents will have been made aware of the rules and should abide by them. I do not know many schools which will accept hairstyles like this and why do they want to make their child stand out on the first day? Schools that have strict rules which are adhered to generally have far better results than those who do not, and long lists of parents who want to get their children into these schools. I expect the school will be delighted if his parents find him another school!

Elaine Isaac

This is nothing new, at my son's school they have similar rules, but yesterday on first day of term I saw someone with blue hair! Not natural coloured as stated in school rules!


I think its about time schools concentrated on education and the standard of their teachers than what type of shoes or haircut kids have got ,they are just power crazy ,this is not a new issue ,my children are grown up and this was going on then,they have got their priorities all wrong

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