Scottish baby names

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Scottish baby names
Looking for a baby name inspired by the rolling wilderness of bonnie Scotland? You've come to the right place.

The Scots release their own baby names data every year, held by the National Records of Scotland, and while there's some crossover with the most popular baby names in England and Wales, the country have their very own set of trends and fashions when it comes to their Scottish baby names, including some more unique names.

For the most popular list, the Scots' rich and historic heritage can be found in their names, from the many classic Scottish baby names as well as the more unique and individual Gaelic names like Isla and Aaron.

This year a solid favourite for boys names remains Jack, which has stayed in the top spot for the last ten years. Whilst names like Harris and Aria have suddenly become more fashionable, making it into the top ten as newcomers this year, names such as Charlie have dropped out.

Here you can see the full top ten lists for both boys and girls names in 2017.

Most popular Scottish boys names in 2017

1. Jack
2. Oliver
3. James
4. Lewis
5. Noah
6. Logan
7. Harris
8. Alexander9. Leo

10. Harry

Most popular Scottish girls names in 2017

1. Olivia
2. Emily
3. Isla
4. Sophie
5. Jessica
6. Amelia
7. Ava
8. Ella9. Charlotte

10. Aria

Want to see what was popular last year? Take a look at the most popular Scottish baby names in 2016...

Most popular Scottish boys names in 2016

1. Jack
2. James
3. Oliver
4. Lewis
5. Logan
6. Harry
7. Noah
8. Leo9. Charlie

10. Alexander

Most popular Scottish girls names in 2016

1. Olivia
2. Emily
3. Sophie
4. Isla
5. Ava
6. Amelia
7. Jessica
8. Ella9. Lucy

10. Charlotte

If you're looking for some slightly more 'out-there' name inspiration, take a leaf out of 2015's book which saw lots of unique name inspirations. Below is a list of the top 12 most bizarre baby names for boys and girls from Scotland 2015 as well as the 20 most popular baby names, released by the National Records of Scotland.

The year saw the births of 25,970 boys and 24,490 girls, with Jack coming in as the most popular for boys for the eighth year in a row. Emily remained firmly in the top spot for the second year running as the most popular girls' name, too. Sophie previously held first place from 2005 - 2013.

Most bizarre Scottish baby boy names in 2015

1. Bowie4. Bully7. Panache10. Buddy
2. Larsson5. Journey8. Pepper11. Peace
3. Thor6. Ziggy9. Winter12. Wisdom

Most bizarre Scottish baby girl names in 2015

1. Indy4. Awesome7. Wolf10. Bliss
2. Surely5. Forest8. Mercedes11. Rogue
3. Avana-Solaris6. Fox9. Porsche12. Sunshine

Most popular Scottish baby names for boys 2015

1. Jack6. Charlie11. Finlay16. Harry
2. Oliver7. Logan12. Jacob17. Alfie
3. James8. Lucas13. Leo18. Aaron
4. Lewis9. Harris 14. Noah19. Adam
5. Alexander10. Daniel15. Mason20. Callum

Most popular Scottish baby names for girls 2015

1. Emily6. Jessica11. Grace16. Anna
2. Sophie7. Amelia12. Chloe17. Millie
3. Olivia8. Ella13. Freya18. Eva
4. Isla9. Lucy14. Ellie19. Mia
5. Ava10. Lily15. Emma20. Sophia

The report also details the second names chosen for babies by their parents in Scotland. James and John topped the charts for middle names with Rose and Elizabeth being most popular for baby girls.

Top baby names for 2014

And if you're wondering which names have moved up and down the ranks in the last two years then here's a peek at the most popular baby names from 2014.

Scottish baby names for boys 2014 

1. Jack6. Daniel11. Mason16. Harris
2. James7. Noah12. Finlay17. Aaron
3. Lewis8. Charlie13. Max18. Ethan
4. Oliver9. Lucas14. Adam19. Cameron
5. Logan10. Alexander15. Harry20. Jacob

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Scottish baby names for girls 2014

1. Emily6. Ava11. Sophia16. Chloe
2. Sophie7. Amelia12. Ellie17. Emma
3. Olivia8. Lucy13. Grace18. Mia
4. Isla9. Lily14. Freya19. Eilidh
5. Jessica10. Ella15. Millie20. Anna


Did you choose a Scottish baby name for your little one? We'd love to hear it. Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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My husband and I decided on Isley for our baby girl born October 1st, 2015. (Pronounced "eye-lee"). We love the name, and other than the tricky pronunciation/spelling being that we live in Canada, everyone else seems to loves it aswell!

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