Dad and his 3-year-old son play the cruellest prank EVER on terrified mum

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Roman Atwood Blowing up my kid prank video
Youtube star Roman Atwood is known for his prank videos. In the past, he's turned his home into a ball pit, covered (and we mean 4,000 rolls of toilet paper covered) one of his best friends homes in toilet paper, and even tricked someone into believing their house was on fire.

However, despite the controversial nature of his previous videos, many believe that his latest film is the most shocking.

In the three-minute video, entitled 'Blowing Up My Kid PRANK', Roman pretends to - you've guessed it - BLOW UP his child, whilst his unsuspecting girlfriend Brittney watches in tears.

The premise of the clip is simple - Roman and his 3-year-old son Kane are test-driving a quad bike, and Britteny comes to bring the cheque book to pay for it.

She arrives and chats happily to the boys, whilst Roman raves about how much Kane enjoyed the ride.

'You should have seen him!' he says enthusiastically.

Convinced, she leaves to retrieve the cheque book from the truck, and Roman puts his plan into action.

Quickly sending Kane away to hide, he replaces him with a child-sized dummy in an identical outfit, and awaits Brittney's return.

When she appears again, Roman bides his time, and then suddenly pretends to lose control of the bike, sending the dummy that she believes is Kane roaring off into the distance on the out-of-control vehicle.

Both parents chase, but the bike launches over a ramp and suddenly, there is an explosion, and Brittney is hysterical.

She edges closer to try and save her son, and all of a sudden, realises what has happened.

'It's not funny!' she exclaims. 'That is not funny.'

Roman responds that 'it is kinda funny', for which he receives a sharp kick to the shin.

'Don't touch me, I'm done, I can't,' she tells him, still in tears.

She's then reunited with Kane, who seems to have taken after his dad and thoroughly enjoyed the joke.

Watch Roman's prank in full

Unbelievably, this isn't the first time that Roman has made a video pretending that his son has been killed - he uploaded a clip in November, called 'Killing My Own Kid PRANK', where he pretends to throw him over a bannister during a game of Spiderman.

We're all for the odd joke here and there, but we have to say Roman, if you tried this on one of our kids, we'd probably give you this reaction too.

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What a vile sick man! She should split immediately and get him psychiatric help!


To put a mother through that, thinking she's just seen her son blown apart IS NOT FUNNY or amusing at all! He is an idiot for bringing his son up to think it's acceptable behaviour! What if it brought on a heart attack in his partner, then how would he feel? It's just beyond a joke!


Terrible, horrific and bad for the mother's health. That cruel father should be prosecuted!


I'm all for playing the odd prank for a laugh, but that is WAY TOO FAR BELOW THE BELT!!!! As a mum myself I'm Horrified!!!! I would have have him a lot more than a kick to the shin - I would have taken his bloody head off!!!!

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