Is your name dying out? The most unpopular baby names revealed!

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Unpopular baby names
Baby name trends can be a fickle thing. One minute you're in. The next, you're out.

And you know you're old when you see some of the most popular baby names you remember from your childhood coming back into fashion...

But unfortunately for this list of unpopular baby names, far from seeing a resurgence - like some of the retro baby names we've seen making a comeback of late - these poor, forgotten monikers are in fact heading for extinction!

Maybe less used baby names are your thing, in which case you're going to love this round up. But do you know if you're picking a name for a little girl or a little boy? If you haven't found out the gender of your baby yet, have a little fun and take our boy or girl quiz!

For 2017 quirky baby names seem to be striding ahead, inspired by celebrity families that are getting creative with the naming process.

Baby Centre have released a list of most unpopular names, with some not being used by a single person. It's bad news for traditional names like Wendy and Doris for the girls, while Scottish baby names seeming to be fading out of popularity for the boys, with Malcolm and Duncan being left by the way-side.

The most unpopular baby names of 2016 so far

Girls' names Girls' namesBoys' namesBoys' names 
1. Angela10. Maureen1. Bertram10. Ernest
2. Beverley11. Paula2. Cecil11. Geoffrey
3. Carol12. Sally3. Clarence12. Horace
4. Debra13. Sandra4. Clive13. Leonard
5. Diane14. Sharon5. Cyril14. Malcolm
6. Donna15. Sheila6. Dean15. Neville
7. Doris16. Tracey7. Dennis16. Nigel
8. Elaine17. Wendy8. Derek17. Roy
9. Joanne18. Yvonne9. Duncan18. Wayne

For a broader look at the patterns of baby-naming a previous infographic by Statista revealed the names that have dropped the most from the top 100 in England and Wales since 1996 to 2015.

For girls, the names Kirsty, Stacey and Leanne had trouble surviving in 2015, with Kirsty dropping from 53 to 1324 in just 19 years.

For boys, names Calum and Shaun are falling into disuse, with Craig suffering the biggest drop - it was 81 in 1996 but 771 last year.

Most affected names can be ones taken from popular TV shows and films. Ross and Rachel, for instance, have had a huge drop in popularity since
the nineties. Rachel was number 77 in 1996 to 982, while Ross
was 68 and dropped to 720 in 2015.

It's bad news for Ross and Rachel

Still, despite trends influenced by films, celebrities and TV shows, there are names that resist the passing of time. Sophie, Jessica and Emily are girls' names that remain a classic, never having dropped from the top 10 in 19 years. The equivalent for boys are Jack, Thomas and James.

Names which have dropped the most from the top 100 in England and Wales since 1996

Kirsty - Was: 53 2015: 1324
Stacey - Was: 97 2015: 1324
Leanne - Was: 88 2015: 1048
Gemma - Was: 50 2015: 982
Macauley - Was: 95 2015: 954
Craig - Was: 81 2015: 771
Ross - Was: 68 2015: 720
Calum - Was: 91 2015: 532
Shaun - Was: 76 2015: 489

Falling out of favour: Not a single baby born in 2014 was named Carol

This comes after previous news that Carol and Annette - both popular names in the 1960s - didn't grace a single birth certificate in 2014. And it's bad news for the Barrys and Nigels of the world too, because their popularity has plummeted to just 2079th place on the popularity charts. After all, just imagine a world with NO Barrys.

Unpopular baby names for girls - from 1996 to 2014

Carol fell from 802nd most popular name to 0, after no babies were named Carol in 2014
Annette fell from 944th most popular name to 0, after no babies were named Annette in 2014
Kathleen fell from 227th most popular name to 715th
Susan fell from 397th most popular name  to 1882nd
Julie fell from 436th most popular name to 1272nd
Donna fell from 441st most popular name to 3514th
Elaine fell from 441st most popular name to 3514th
Ann fell from 539th most popular name to 1299th
Debbie fell from 571st most popular name to 2464th
Sandra fell from 686th most popular name to 1016th
Tracy fell from from 686th most popular name to 3160th

Unpopular baby names for boys - from 1996 to 2014

Gary fell from 147th most popular name to 889th in 2014.
Neil fell from 232rd most popular name to 754th
Graham fell from 341st most popular name to 1819th
Barry fell from 441st most popular name to 2079th
Ronald fell from 427th most popular name to 1935th
Nigel fell from 552nd most popular name to 2079th
Gerald fell from 680th most popular name to 2248th
Bernard fell from 680th most popular name to 1012th
Maurice fell from 818th most popular name to 1327th
Clive fell from 898th most popular name to 2964th
Norman fell from 1337th most popular name to 2964th

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Corey wykoff



Not hard to understand why. Lots of names are made up bogan versions.

Bohemian Bee

Deborah is actually hebrew so you got that wrong

Zara Wasique

Why are these all white names? I understand that these European names were very popular at one point or another, but there are someused-to-be popular names that were much more popular


My name is Annette & I still ask my mum what made you give me that name, I'm 48, so I can understand it not been popular, baby Annette hasn't really got a ring to it. My middle grandson, is called Brian, when he was born the hospital said, we've not had any baby boys named that in years & there's two boys been named it in a week, so is my Hubby's name going to become popular lol

Judy Tomes

My grandson, born this year, is named Leonard. I think it's lovely!

Susan Anne Lee

our great grand daughter age 3mth is called Dorothy

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