Mum shares honest pictures of autistic daughter after online critics say she's too positive

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Mum whose daughter Molly has autism shares photos of her 'violent' outbursts to silence online critics
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A mum felt forced to share photos of her autistic daughter's 'violent' outbursts online to silence critics who said she was too positive.


Imgur user kazzaunit posted the pictures online, after she had comments on previous photos of Molly, aged seven, questioning the authenticity of the little girl's disability.


She wrote, 'Due to negative comments I felt I need to add this, you are right autism isn't always this cute...' on the picture gallery titled: 'This is what autism 'looks like''.


'Is this what you want to see?' Molly's mum addresses the critics 


The mum, who regularly posts pictures of her gorgeous little girl, who has ASD and ADHD, found that she was receiving negative comments off users who thought Molly was too cute to truly be autistic, and that 'it could be worse.'


One wrote: 'Not to be that person, but this is what "higher functioning" autism looks like. I'm happy for you guys, honestly, because it could be worse.'


While another said, 'I don't see how these pictures make anybody understand anything. She's adorable yes but how is that connected to autism?'


'Have to collect her from school as she isn't coping,' Molly's mum writes. 


Another user who said they had an austistic son said, 'This is what autism 'looks like' for you. For me it's a lot different.'


In response to the comments Molly's mum posted new photos with the caption, 'Is this what you want to see?'


The mum wrote: 'She can't cope walking to the shop, there might be people, too much noise, unexpected situations. She doesn't sleep, she is aggressive and violent and suicidal, she has no danger awareness and runs in front of traffic and has to use a buggy to get home from school.


'This is what happens in shops,' the mum captioned this picture.


'I wanted to highlight the other side of autism, the one where the kid is having a good day and coping.


'[If] she doesn't 'look autistic' that's the side of it that nobody has compassion for. If she looks normal she should be able to fit in right? Is my kid not the socially acceptable type of disabled?'


The pictures have since received over 400 comments full of supportive messages for Molly and her mum. One kind commenter wrote, 'Sorry that some people are so disconnected from their own humanity that they attacked you and your lovely little girl. Keep up the good work.'



'What [Molly] wants more than anything? Acceptance.' 


kazzaunit added that all she really wanted to do was help her little girl to feel normal: 'What [Molly] wants more than anything? Acceptance', she wrote.


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My daughter is now 24, has high functioning autism, looks quite normal. Her life is not a life. She exists, because of her sensory issues especially with noise and being around other people, she cannot work, never goes anywhere, has no friends, she lives on her own because she has so many rituals and obsessive ways nobody could live with her. She also gets aggressive out of sheer frustration.She is under constant stress and anxiety because of external noises out of her control. She has no sleeping pattern, sleeps when she can, and eats when she can. She cannot where ear defenders or plugs as they hurt her too much due to sensory issues with touch. I am her mum and have not hugged or kissed her since she was about 10 which is very painful and upsettingl. Her whole life is painful to see. Aswell as this she has Type 1 diabetes (since 5 years old), and has been diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa (since 18 years old) Because of this she has now got complications such as Diabetic Nueropathy, is now classed as severe partially sighted, and has muscle wastage which is making it very hard for her to move around. She is still getting over all the fireworks that have caused her to have meltdown after meltdown. I have to stay with her when things like this happen, for her own safety. I have to do her housework, shopping, cooking, laundry. It is like having to run 2 households which is tiring (I am 60) but she does not understand or care, just expects it. Autism like you have said is complicated and definatly misunderstood by everybody including so called professionals!!


Folks just want to see autism as doom, but autistic people are complicated. Sometimes we get stressed out because we have sensory issues. Practical solutions can help, like understanding that are brains work differently, and sometimes we need a different approach. It doesn't mean we can't live a happy life and be happy.

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