Ballot to win FREE tickets for the Queen's 90th birthday party is now open and YOU could get one!

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Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday party will be a memorable one and here's how you can be a part of it!

Tickets for Her Majesty's three-day event at Windsor Castle in May sold out just a few hours after they went on sale last November.

But now you've got another chance to take part in the Queen's birthday bash, which will feature 900 horses and 1,500 performers.

A ballot for free tickets is now open, offering people the opportunity to celebrate with the Queen on The Long Walk in Windsor Castle's Home Park, on 15 May.

Guests will be able to watch the events on a giant screen in Windsor - a position which will allow them a view of the prestigious red carpet.

Members of the public can apply for up to four tickets until the ballot closes on 14 March, but half of the 5,000 tickets available are reserved for people from the Windsor area.

Buckingham Palace announced the news of the event back in November, which will happen from 12th-15th May 2016, confirming that 25,000 tickets for members of the public to attend would go on sale.

However, the tickets costing between £55 and £165 for the first two evenings, and between £75 and £195 on the final night, sold out not long after they were put on sale.

Only guests attending the last day of the event will see the lady herself, which will also be broadcast on ITV to mark the occasion, but other members of the Royal Family will be attending on various nights.

However, it's worth noting that regardless of the amount you pay for your place, you won't get the chance to celebrate Elizabeth's actual birthday with her on any of these days, as she hits the big 9-0 officially on 21st April.

Windsor Castle, where the extravagant celebrations will take place

In addition to the public party, there will be further events on the Queen's offical birthday in June, including a service of thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral, a street party in The Mall and Trooping the Colour.

Simon Brooks-Ward, the producer and director of the occasion, commented: 'We've been working hard to make this a most unique birthday celebration.'

'We're especially delighted with our plans to offer an extra 5,000 people the chance to be part of the celebrations through our balloted system for tickets on The Long Walk. This will take place in the New Year.'

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Would you love to attend a Royal birthday party, or would you rather stay at home and watch the celebrations from the comfort of your sofa? Use the comment box below to let us know your thoughts.

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Margaret Doney

I would dearly love to be there on the day "BUT" there is no way I could ever afford it so I am afraid I will be at home watching it as usual? I am sure the coverage will be very good, Yes I know it will not be the same but there you go? I hope we have many, many more Birthday Celebrations for her Majesty.


Why Will it cost so much? In these times of hardship, people grateful that tax credits are not being taken away , it will only be the rich that can attend. Who is going to benefit from the money made? Think it's a bit sick really, AND the first two nights her majesty won't even be there !! What a joke.




How we love to waste money I would like to see this money given and used for the people in the country who have very little and struggle every day to but bread on the table And those that have to beg on the street it's time the royals and there jewels where forgotten and the big houses Given to the most needie

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