Are these the most outrageous kids' Christmas letters ever?

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letters to santa
Writing to Santa is one of the most magical Christmas traditions for children. And for us parents, it can be extremely entertaining to see the little ones regretting all the misbehaving they've done throughout the year when it comes to asking the big guy for presents.

Some kids don't just list what they want for Christmas though - there are threats, bargaining, and very weird requests...

Here are some of the most outrageous letters Santa has had the pleasure of receiving in his North Pole postbox. We hope our little ones' letters to Santa weren't as cheeky as these...

1. The one with all the spy gear

Image: Imgur

We dread to think what this little girl gets up to after school...

2. The greedy one

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Why bother listing things out? Just 'everything' will do Santa, thanks.

3. The one who really loves dinossaurs

Image: Imgur

He also threw in a day off school because why not. DO NOT let him down...

4. The sarcastic one

Image: Imgur

We don't think Santa appreciates this kind of attitude young lady.

5. The one with the two watches

Image: Imgur

One to tell the time and the other to spy on people, as you do.

6. The one with the pig

Image: Imgur

And a yoga ball.

7. The one who gets straight to the point

Image: Imgur

Sorry Santa, no time for small talk.

8. The one who really wants the puppy

Image: Imgur

All she's asking is for 'one little puppy'...

9. And the one who really wants a cat

Image: Imgur

Did we mention she wants a cat?

10. The one with the special powers

Image: Imgur

The power to make people into my family please Santa. It'll be the other way around when he grows up...

11. The very random one

Image: Imgur

Because nothing goes better with jeans and band-aids than a pair of new arms and a kiss from Morgan Freeman. Obviously.

12. The one with the two front teeth

Image: Imgur

Joey just wants his two front teeth.

13. The one with the threats

Image: Imgur

Santa, you've been warned.

14. The honest one


Image: Imgur

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Hey, she's just trying to make the big guy's life easier.

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