Comedian causes controversy after posting photo bathing with his baby daughter

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Torben Chris Danish comedian
Torben Chris, a Danish comedian, has been accused of being inappropriate by some of his followers, sharing a picture of himself having a bath with his two-year-old daughter.

The father took the snap in support of other dads who contacted him explaining how they were accused of being 'paedophiles' for bathing with their children.

Chris' comedy show focuses on challenging the attitudes surrounding nudity in Denmark, and he had recently spoken out condemning the opinion that it's wrong for parents to be naked around their children. This sketch prompted an outpouring of stories and experiences from other parents.

With the photo, which has nearly 60,000 likes on Facebook, Chris briefly described some of the stories he had been told.

He wrote: 'Someone told me that he had been accused of paedophilia by a stranger because he bathed with his two-year-old daughter. Another had been warned on his 'urge' towards paedophilia, because he had shared a picture of a French braid on his 11-year-old daughter's bare back on social media.'

He then added, 'Listen: children and adults can be naked together.'

Torben Chris is known for his strong opinions on nudity

'There is nothing wrong with a father who washes his daughter's bottom when she's a child. On the contrary, it is bloody disgusting if nobody does it, and unfair if only the mother does it.

'If we couldn't stand to see each other naked we'd be born with clothes on.

'Nudity with your child's not gross, but natural. A father in the shower with his daughter's not paedophilia, it's fun.'

Lots of parents have been commenting, with some posting their own images in the bath with their children, in support of the comedian.

Although the response hasn't been completely positive, with one user, Bariş Balo Bicen, writing: 'Put on some underwear my friend. What good will your daughter get from seeing your genitals?'

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I did have a perv as a father and seeing him nude all the time was upsetting. My friend also had to take showers with her dad and was forced to see his privates every time. I think maybe the age that this baby is could be okay, but to be honest, not much older. With all the pervs out there > I think it would be too tempting for some. If people weren't so perverted then it wouldn't be such a big deal> at this age anyway.


I agree with the comments of Torben Chris. The only adverse criticism I can make is of the fact that people take photos of everyday occurrences & then share them online, which I don't understand. As for the comment by the person mentioned in the piece above, about putting clothes on ... well this man IS in the bath, & most people don't wear their clothes while having a bath. Having a bath with your own 2 year old child does NOT equate with paedophilia, for heaven's sake - perhaps only to those with sick minds themselves.

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