'Breastfeeding' toddler sparks furious comments online over 'pornographic' picture

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A photo of a toddler 'breastfeeding' his younger sibling that was shared online has started heated debates between parents with some calling it 'pornographic'.

The picture was first shared on the Facebook page of Breastfeeding Mama Talk, a group that wants to be 'a place for mommies all over the world to get support in breastfeeding and their mommy journey'.

The group is well known for active support of breastfeeding and sharing photos of women nursing without covers in public places to try and normalize breastfeeding.

However, one particular photo, which was first shared on 8th January, has now sparked furious comments from parents across the world, having been shared over 15,000 times.

The photograph shows a young boy topless and pretending to feed his younger sibling, with the caption; 'Don't worry mum, I've got you covered.'

Breastfeeding Mama Talk initially decided to share the picture because they thought it was funny, and whilst some mums loved the picture, others have taken offence.

Kelsey Popp posted on the Facebook post; 'If I'd known big brothers could breastfeed, I'd have taken a lot more showers when baby was new.'

Amy Lewandowski said; 'My son was about 4 when he discovered that boys don't give birth and aren't able to breastfeed. He cried for weeks!'

Others were concerned for the safety of the child, Sarah Birnbaum said; 'It's not that the boy shouldn't want to help his baby sibling, but he could accidentally hurt the baby... I mean its nose and mouth are covered and that's just not ok.'

Whilst some readers were just disgusted by the photo and have started a backlash against the group.

Phanie Gillett said; I'm all for breastfeeding but there needs to be a line drawn. This world is crazy at it is this is how there is such thing as "gender confusion" now... Where is his father? I wouldn't think that he would be okay with this.'

Another person said; 'That is sick child pornographic... those children need to be taken away from the parents and the photographer arrested.'

Nita Ann Noel summed up the feelings of those who had taken offence; 'I'm sorry there's just gross! Those pictures are gross and inappropriate to share! Private is private. Nobody needs to watch that!'

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They are just young kids, I bet the older brother may not know about sex,pregnancy, and all that stuff. He probably just picked it up from his mom. If he was like ten or eleven or older, that would have been porn. But he was probably six or seven.

Nyla The Black Asian

People are sooooo dramatic , the photos is completely innocent, child pornagraphy? Unbelievable someone would find it as a sexual thing


to me its just a kid copying his mum, the people that see it as otherwise are the ones to worry about , if thats the first thing they think of must be all they have on their minds porn etc , so interpret everything as such.

Becky Wright

We're looking at a big brother imitating mum and trying to help with his new sibling, under supervision and shared in a pro breastfeeding group. What I don't understand is how it's gone public? Does the group not have rules on sharing other people's pictures? I'm also curious as to what all the critics would have said if the picture depicted him with a bottle? Personally, I have had mine mimic breastfeeding with their dollies. Now they're all older, each one of them is pro breastfeeding and they all hope to either breastfeed their own babies or support their future partners to do so. I'm sure part of that is down to my openness about the topic.


What a cute picture. What the hell is wrong with people?


I am once again blown away by people. Pornographic? Seriously? It is disgusting that someone would even associate porn and a little boy trying to feed his sibling. I could see this being a problem if this boy was older but come on. I think it is super cute and he is trying to be helpful. Obviously a parent is right there if there is a picture.

Melissa Floyd

So I am just curious. If a picture is shared within a group or on a page promoting Breastfeeding, then it is obviously considered a safe place for others to come and talk and have a laugh from time to time. So, the context of this image is being distorted by those who do not identify with those who follow the FB page associated with this image. I have seen kids/babies topless on AFV and yet no one yells "PORN"! When will people slow down enough to see the context of something before running with it? This was obviously in the context of how demanding yet rewarding breastfeeding can be and a struggle breastfeeding mothers may have from time to time. This was obviously meant for a smile and a laugh, and more or less an inside joke between those who follow that page/group. Good To Know, I appreciate the fact you are sharing a viral story, but can you do so keeping the original image in context please? Citing 2/3 of the article against something that you did not join the group or page to understand the original intent and context is about as ridiculous as calling someone a child pornographer for making a meme about diapered babies. Diapered babies run around the house without a shirt quite often (more often than not because they dirtied all their clothes and they are in the wash). Breastfeeding mothers on this page obviously have had their other young children imitate them. May we please enjoy the innocent humor this meme was obviously intended for and move on?

Daniel W.

I as a father to takingwung boys one 10 months and then other 3 years think that people just want to feel like their Righteous And everyone else is beneath them or their views are the right ones. As for breastfeeding mothers good for them. it is healthier for both baby and mother to do so cuz the mother passes on key elements that formula cant give.. but I know In some cases mother's dont have a choice do to supply Drying up or maybe The baby not latching on / not taking to it. My wife breastfeeds I support her 10000% and I dare anyone try to tell her not to feed our baby . There would be hell to pay if that ever happens in front of me or I was told about that happening to my wife. Enough with my rant. I applaud the women that say screw everyone I'm feeding my kid

Amanda Burton

I feel like anyone offended shouldn't be part of the group.


Where are these peoples minds that they automatically jump to pornography?? He sees his mom breastfeed and thinks he is helping. At this age he doesn't know the difference. It's just an innocent boy.

Jessica Glover

Breastfeeding is not sexual so this picture can in NO way be pornagraghic! And as for the ignorant comment about gender roles I am assuming she is old as dirt and probably also believes that I women's place is in the kitchen but is the first one to bitch about womens rights and wanting equal and fair treatment of women! I am the mother of 3 boys and I breastfeed my youngest right in front of his 2 older brothers (10yrs & 7yrs old) and they see nothing wrong with what I am doing, they know I am feeding their brother in the best and healthiest way and my husband their father fully supports me! I would rather their first experience with breasts be with what God intended them for not the unrealalistic expectation of what they are going to see on the internet, TV, or what they are told from their friends who have been led by their ignorant parents to believe womens breasts are for male pleasure. Also this is teaching them to be loving and supportive husbands who i hope one day support my DIL's to breastfeed my grandbabies! If you don't get turned on or think feeding a baby with a bottle is sexual then you shouldn't think that about breastfeeding b/c there is no difference between bottle or breast its all feeding and that's all that matters! If you don't like seeing me breastfeed my baby in public uncovered don't look or better yet cover your ignorant face with a blanket!


To be honest the world is becoming over sensitive there is nothing wrong with this picture it's kids being kids grow up already all of you!!!

Sara Hutton

I feel that the picture is funny, and innocent. It would appear to me that the mother, or at least another adult that took the picture was right there, so the baby was really in no danger. The comments about pornographic and gender confusing are the truly disgusting things here.


Super cute!

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