Coleen Rooney 'looking forward' to eating her placenta after the arrival of third son Kit

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Coleen Rooney
Coleen Rooney has revealed plans to eat her own placenta after welcoming her third son, Kit Joseph.

The mum-of-three shared a picture of the placenta, which she has had made into pills by a local specialist, on her Twitter account, writing, 'Looking forward to starting my capsules @placentaplus1 .... Thank you xx'

Coleen's followers were divided on the matter. Some shared messages of support: 'I think this is a fantastic way of levelling out and boosting your body after giving birth...', one tweeted, whilst another added, 'I've just done this Coleen & I swear it's helped me through. had PND with last. And I've been great.'

However, not everyone was as positive about the 29-year-old's post-natal choice.

'Had 3 kids and I didn't die for not taking that,' a follower pointed out. A later tweet simply read 'gross'.

Placenta Plus, the company which carried out Coleen's placenta encapsulation, states that the benefits of consuming the placenta after birth include healthy milk supply, better hair, skin and nails, boosted energy, balanced hormones and the lessening of post-natal depression. They can also help to reduce post-birth bleeding and reduce stress levels - something all new mums could surely benefit from!

'It was an honour to encapsulate @ColeenRoo placenta what an amazing lady! And wonderful family xx' Danielle, the owner of the company, later tweeted.

Coleen with her elder sons Kai and Klay

Coleen is not the only celeb to consume her placenta post-birth; Kim Kardashian recently revealed that she'd opted for placenta encapsulation after the birth of her son Saint, and actresses Alicia Silverstone and January Jones have both previously spoken out about their own placenta pills.

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Have you consumed your placenta after birth - and if not, do you wish you had? Let us know your thoughts in the commment box below.

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Each to there own, if it's what she feels she wants to do, so be it


I had my placenta encapsulated after the birth of my son and an essence made up too which lasts for life! The tablets did help a little I think as I was anaemic and weak after the birth and I am sure it certainly did no harm. I did still suffer PND and anxiety though for about a year, but maybe it would've been worse had I not had the pills. We will never know! It did nothing for my milk supply though, as I was not producing enough and had to resort to bottles after about a month. The essence can be used by my son or myself when going through times of stress, like first day at school for example. I have yet to use it so cannot comment on its effectiveness!

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