Mum shares terrifying story of how baby girl's sleepless nights saved her entire family

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A mum has shared a terrifying warning to all parents, after revealing that her baby girl's sleepless night are the reason her entire family are still alive.

Being woken up by their babies in the middle of the night is something most parents dread, but Monique Ruppel will be forever thankful to her one-year-old daughter for her sleepless nights.

The mum has shared the worrying story of how she and her family almost died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, and the only reason they caught it in time was because her baby daughter woke them up.

Writing a touching Facebook post, Monique said: 'This precious little angel did something extraordinary. Something she will not fully understand until she is grown. She literally saved our lives.'

According to Monique's account of the scary situation, her daughter Celia only wakes up once during the night, but in this particular night Celia woke up for a second time. It was when Monique was making her way to her daughter's room that she noticed something wasn't right.

'I attempted to make my way to her room but only made it a few feet before being completely overwhelmed with vertigo. Kyle immediately woke and we quickly realized something was wrong. We both suffered from dizziness, headache, nausea, and burning eyes. We packed a bag and woke Celia. She began vomiting and as I held her my cat collapsed at my feet,' Monique wrote in the post that's been shared over 800 times.

She continued to say they thankfully got help from her partner's parents, just before he collapsed before going to the hospital.

The family were airlifted to Vancouver and were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning, with 2.5 hour dives in a Hyperbaric Chamber.

While they're expected to make a full recovery, Monique is urging everyone to check their carbon monoxide detectors or install one, after the close call she and her family had.

'Please ensure you have a Carbon Monoxide detector and that it works. We are so thankful Celia woke us. We often wished she would sleep through the night but we do not feel that way any more. Our sweet sweet baby saved us all', Monique wrote in the post.

In the UK, around 40 people every year die as result of carbon monoxide poisoning according to the NHS.

The most common sources of carbon monoxide are household appliances like cookers, heaters and central heating boilers that have been incorrectly installed or poorly maintained, but blocked flues and chimneys can also cause carbon monoxide to accumulate inside the house.

Because it has no smell, taste or colour, the gas is often referred to as a 'silent killer', which is why it's important to have a functioning detector in place in your home.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include dizziness, nausea and vomiting, tiredness, shortness of breath and stomach pain. It can sometimes be confused with flu symptoms, but unlike flu, carbon monoxide poisoning does not cause a fever.

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For more information of carbon monoxide poisoning, please visit the NHS website.

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