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The Unmumsy Mum
If you haven't heard of The Unmumsy Mum then please, let us introduce you... Blogger, gin lover, the newest novelist on the block and mum to two boys, she - in her own words - 'drinks copious amount of tea, and dicks around on Facebook a lot'.

And, she's funny. Like, really funny, as this previous Facebook rant perfectly proves!

The Unmumsy Mum, also known as Sarah Turner, is married to James and has two boys - Henry and Jude - and she just, well, gets it.

The Exeter-born mum knows that her Philosophy degree won't help a jot with this parenting malarkey, it's hard and she's here to remind other mums that we're all in it together, and that - more importantly - it's OK to enjoy a bottle (or two) of the 'grown-up grape juice'.

Sarah with her two boys

So, with that in mind we shared a bottle of that 'grown-up grape juice' with The Unmumsy Mum, to find out what being a mum really means to her (with hilarious results!). Plus, we've even got a brilliant Unmumsy Mum giveaway, so keep reading to find out how you can win one of her brand new books!

Yesterday, my kid had a tantrum because...

He couldn't decide which snack he wanted to eat first (and that was my fault, obviously).

Wine to me is...

If I could tell a younger me one thing, it would be...

Don't rush to grow up.

The thought of exercise makes me...

If you opened my fridge right now it would be full of...

Prosecco (I should point out that I was given several bottles to celebrate the publication of my book!)

If you looked in my handbag right now you'd find...

Pens without lids, a packet of Minion tissues, a lip balm, a Kinder Egg toy capsule (minus the toy)

The last text I received says...

'This was the most disappointing snack I've ever eaten!' next to picture of a Wagon Wheel (from my best friend)

The most cringe-worthy thing my child has ever uttered out loud is...

If you're having a bad day and think you're a terrible mum, just remember...

Every mum has wobbly parenting days, and tomorrow is a new day.

The one gem I learnt from my mother, was...

If you look after the pennies the pounds look after themselves.

The moment I realised being a mum wasn't all rainbows and unicorns was precisely...

Seriously? About three hours after I gave birth (and I had my suspicions during the distinctly unglowing pregnancy).

If I could banish one TV show/character from my home forever, it'd be...

Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse


The 'Hot Dog' song/dance makes me want to poke my eyes out

Being a mum is...

The most important thing I've ever been.

Great news! We have 10 copies of The Unmumsy Mum book to give away!

To be in with a chance of winning simply:
- Go to our Facebook page
- Find our Unmumsy Mum post at the top
- And finish this sentence under the picture: 'Being a mum is...'

Terms and conditions:
The prize is a copy of The Unmumsy Mum book. There are 10 to be won. Competition closes 23:59 on Thursday 10 March 2016. For full terms and conditions, click here.

Continued below...

Out now, £12.99 (Bantam Press), it's an essential read for parents everywhere, it's an amazingly candid and reassuring book - a bible that will help all parents through this perilous journey of raising a child, even new mum-of-two Giovanna Fletcher loves it: 'she says things we're all scared to share - I love her!'

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