Katie Price will continue to name and shame 'sick' online trolls who refuse to meet her

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Katie Price and Harvey
Katie Price has announced on social media that she will continue to name and shame the accounts of online trolls who made cruel jokes about her eldest son Harvey, after they declined invitations to confront her face-to-face.

The mother-of-five is carrying on with her fight against the 'sick' online trolls who shared images making fun of her eldest son Harvey, who suffers from multiple disabilities.

Katie had challenged the offenders to come on ITV show Loose Women to talk things through or to spend time with Harvey. However, it seems her invitations have been declined and so she will continue to 'name and shame' the people responsible, the Loose Women panelist said on Twitter.

The former glamour model's battle with online trolls started after several Instagram and Twitter accounts shared images mocking Harvey, who is blind, on the autistic spectrum and also suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome - which causes him to gain weight easily.

The first image she reposted on her own account made a sexually explicit reference to the 13 year old.

'Can everyone help report this sick twisted man and if you know him give me details please he needs to be named and shamed and be questioned and clearly shouldn't be roaming around with thoughts like that about a child,' she wrote alongside.

It then emerged that there were several pictures of Harvey circulating, all accompanied by nasty jokes about both Harvey himself and his relationship with his mum.

Image: Instagram/OfficialKatiePrice

Image: Instagram/OfficialKatiePrice

Katie, who is also mum to Junior, 10, Princess, eight, Jett, two and Bunny, one, even unearthed a parody account of her son on Twitter, to which she responded, 'Who is allowed to set up a site like this does anybody know this person as I'm sure the police will find out.'

After urging her fans to 'please name and shame these sick people' and help her find the culprits responsible for the disgusting images, she added on the microblogging site, 'There should be more done to stop this happening to people like me and others so angry and upset'.

'I've realised so many people mocking my son out of all my children they pick on the one with disability'.

Most fans have been sending messages of support and outrage to the star, but after her initial posts, some trolls even went as far to feign shock about the fact that Katie hadn't seen the images previously.

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'I can't believe Katie Price has only just realised people make these pictures/videos about Harvey...' one tweeted, to which the mum of five replied 'And you can bind your beak in'.

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Caroline TomCat Thom

absolute rubbish. Katy hasn't created anything. These people choose to be nasty evil bullies publicly and its about time people like this got outed and got what they deserve. Hiding behind a PC like the cowards they are, their family and friends should know what they're really like. These twisted nasty people need to learn the hard way.


Yes KP has named & shamed these people & i dont agree with whst these people are doing but one girl who she named has had her mothers name, were she works & which uni she goes to revealed & people telling her she should have her unborn baby taken away from her, plus other things, the girl has been on instagram & apologised & explained her action's but the way people are going on is disgusting, they called the girl a on line bully but from reading what everybody else has put, I think theres a lot of on line bullys out there. I know what she did was wrong but KP asking everyone to help her name & shame these people has gone to far, KP has created a lot of on line bullys.

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