Mum documents life with a toddler using a selfie stick after friend was 'surprised' she looked tired

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A mother has posted a series of 'selfie-stick' photos online to show the realities of what a stay at home mum does.

Russian mother Yuliya Skorobogatova was inspired to share her story with the world after one of her male friends remarked that he was surprised to see her looking tired, as she was on maternity leave.

MailOnline reported that Yuliya said, 'A male friend of mine once told me "you don't do anything, but simply stay home with the baby".

'He is right in some ways – I don't have to wake up early five times a week and rush to the other side of Moscow in a metro carriage packed like a box of sardines. Or to sit in a traffic jam listening to those iPod tracks over and over again.

'I don't have to deal with office tasks and follow management orders. I stay at home and yes, I do nothing. What a pleasure.'

His belief that Yuliya lazed around all day and did nothing spurned the mum into action to show just exactly how busy a mum's life is, detailing the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes when you're bringing up children.

Yuliya, who is a student and photographer as well as mum of two, took all the snaps using a selfie-stick and the results are great.

We think it's safe to say that this mum, like most others, doesn't get a minute's peace throughout the day. Her toddler keeps her on her toes from morning to night it would seem.

Making a refreshing change from the glossy pictures of mummy bloggers everywhere these snaps range from funny and sweet to downright exhaustion-inducing in themselves. From going to the toilet with a toddler following you to trying to squeeze in drying your hair, Yuliya's snaps paint a very real portrait of motherhood and the occasional daily mum wins!

She admits that sometimes her days pass in a blur, telling MailOnline, 'Currently, I am on a maternity leave and all my days look identical, like twins.

'The only way for me to identify whether it is weekend or not is through my husband, who stays at home in the daytime.

And with a word of warning to prospective mothers she added, 'Any mother who has had a baby will recognise all of this.

'But if you haven't started a family yet, take a good look because this is what's coming your way.'

The series goes on to show nappy changing...

Shower time...

Trying to work with a baby...

And the joy of taking your children to the park...

Continued below...

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