R&B singer Ne-Yo welcomes baby son and reveals touching meaning behind the name

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American R&B singer Ne-Yo has welcomed a baby son and took to social media to share the traditional naming choice.

The 36-year-old 'Let Me Love You' hit-maker shared the first picture of his newborn baby just a couple of days after he was born weighing 6lbs 8oz and measuring 19 inches long.

It is Ne-Yo's, real name Shaffer Chimere Smith, first child with his wife Crystal Renay but he already has two children from a previous relationship.
The couple were quick to announce their son's name – Shaffer Chimere Smith Junior – named after Ne-Yo, who originally comes from Texas, USA.

Crystal took to her Instagram page to tell her fans that she had to have an emergency C-section because of late complications with the pregnancy.

Posting a photo of herself and Shaffer Junior in a hospital bed, Crystal said; 'Allow me to introduce to you all Shaffer Chimere Smith Jr... I am so in love with this lil man! Now I know what it means to have your heart walk around outside of your body.'

The model and TV star also thanked her husband for the 'greatest gift in the world' and explained that the birth had been the 'best day of my life'.

There had been some speculation that they had named their son Prince after a Snapchat picture of the little tot emerged with the word 'Prince', but there was no official confirmation.

Although they may have opted for a very traditional way to name their baby by keeping it in the family, they didn't have such a traditional pregnancy.

Fans were shocked when the couple went ahead with their wedding plans despite Crystal being eight months pregnant – they were married on 20th February, only three weeks before she went into labour.

Ne-Yo had some thoughts of his own, telling his Instagram fans; 'Welcome to the world lil' man. (HA! Mason's a big brother now). You got a BIG family looking out for you, immediate AND extended. And we all love you to death. Gonna do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure ALL my children never need for anything EVER.'

In 2010 the Billboard Hot 100 star had a baby with current girlfriend Monyetta Shaw, five-year-old Madilyn Grace.

Speaking about the birth of his first child and only daughter, Ne-Yo told Ebony magazine; 'I've been in love before but this feels like nothing I've ever felt... like I'm in love for the first time.'

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In September 2011 the singer announced he was expecting his second child with Monyetta, Mason Evan, aged four.

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It's not crazy getting married while pregnant, I did the same, I was 8 months but I opted for a normal dress, one I could wear after, I felt I had to be pratical about it but I did go in a bridal shop & ask what they would have for me, to wear to my wedding & the assistant laughed & asked was I joking, how rude


Congratulations! He looks like a good combination of his mom and dad! I think looking at babies may not be good for my baby fever! Makes me wanna take one of those free ttckit home pregnancy tests! LOL

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