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Finnish baby boxes have been introduced in hospitals all over the UK, in a launch that started in June last year and will continue to roll out to England, Wales and Ireland in the coming months.

Baby boxes are based on a project that has been running in Finland for nearly 100 years and they include must-have essentials for new parents. The design means that experts believe they could reduce the infant mortality rate in the UK, so it's no wonder parents want to know more about the Finnish baby box.

The boxes are a great help for expectant parents who may be overwhelmed with everything they need to get for their baby, and also a way to make sure babies have a bed to sleep in when they're taken home.

The first baby box uk launch began in June 2016 and saw boxes handed out to new mothers at Queen Charlotte and Chelsea hospital in London. Since then the initiative has gone on to launch programmes in other parts of the UK like Greater Manchester, North Middlesex, Limerick Maternity Hospital Ireland, Halton Borough, Colchester Hospital with Scottish baby boxes being next.

Parents in Finland have been using the box and small mattress as the baby's first bed for decades, but the trend has been spreading to other countries in recent years, and now it's been introduced in UK hospitals.

Where can I get a baby box?

Baby boxes are available to be handed out to new parents at certain hospitals across the UK. Each hospital's board makes the decision whether to take part in the scheme individually so you will need to check with your preferred hospital.

Apart from the hospitals that are currently involved in the pilot scheme, baby boxes are also available to be purchased from several businesses.

The leading baby box supplier is Baby Box Co., they are currently working with the NHS to supply certain hospitals. On their website you can purchase your own box to be shipped straight to your home.

Can I buy a baby box?

Yes, you can buy a baby box straight from the Baby Box Co. if your hospital isn't providing one for free.

You can go online to their website and look at a few different options. The boxes range in price from £55 - £180 and will then be shipped to you for free if you're in the USA or UK.

The Bed box is Baby Box Co's cheaper option, for £56.13

How much are baby boxes?

Currently there are five baby box options on the Baby Box Co website. They range from £55 - £180 and offer a selection of products within each depending on what you're looking for.

The most basic offering will provide you with somewhere for your baby to sleep, complete with mattress and sheets with a guide and tips for parenting. As the boxes get more expensive they begin to include clothes, washcloths, bibs and a thermometer. The most highly priced baby box provides you with much of what you need when bringing a new baby home including shampoo and body wash, a diaper pack, burp cloths and everything previously mentioned.

What's in a baby box?

Each baby box contains different items, but this is the full list of what your box could include:

  • Baby box and lid
  • Fitted baby mattress
  • Cotton sheet
  • Zipper bag
  • Membership to the Baby Box University
  • Onesies
  • Sleepsack
  • Axillary Thermometer
  • Lovey
  • Romper
  • Socks
  • Terry cloth bibs
  • Organic washcloths
  • Organic burpcloths
  • Mittens
  • Newborn cap
  • Shampoo and body wash
  • Diaper pack
  • Organic wooden teether

  • Are baby boxes safe?

    The Baby Box Co state that all their baby boxes 'meet or exceed all applicable tenets of the CPSC, Health Canada and EN standards'.

    Plus, the premise behind the boxes is that they lower mortality rates in infants and have had great success at doing this in Finland.

    Dr Karen Joash, consultant obstetrician at Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust, who is leading the trial at Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea in East Acton, said: 'For too many years the UK has fallen behind its European counterparts when it comes to reducing infant mortality. These boxes have been proven to help reduce the infant mortality rate in Finland and we hope that these results could be replicated in the UK.'

    Kate and Wills were offered a baby box before Prince George's birth

    What do you think of Finnish baby boxes being introduced in the UK? Let us know in the comments section below!

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