Does your child have one of the most successful baby names? This list reveals them all!

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We all want the best for our little bundles of joy, so it's only natural to start looking around for a baby name that they can grow into.

Other than just plumping for one of the most popular baby names, or one of the most unusual baby names, some parents want to choose a name that will help their baby become the brightest button in the box. Yes, 'successful baby names' are actually a thing. Albert Mehrabian, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of California-Los Angeles, wrote a book called the The Baby Name Report Card: Beneficial and Harmful Baby Names where he weighed up the best and worst names you could pick for your offspring.

The book was apparently centred around research that he did where a baby name was judged good or bad depending on other people's perception of that name.

The research ranks baby names for how successful, masculine/feminine, ethical, caring, popular and fun they seemed. For the most successful names there were classics like Elizabeth and Victoria for girls with Robert and David coming out on top for boys.

The least successful names were slightly, erm, odd.

Intrigued to know what the most and least successful baby names are according to Professor Mehrabian? Here's the low down…

Most successful girls' baby names

1. Jacqueline2. Morgan3. Elizabeth4. Katherine5. Victoria
6. Lauraine 7. Susan 8. Catherine 9. Kate10. Madeleine

Most successful boys' baby names

1. Steven2. Ross3. Christopher4. James 5. Robert
6. David 7. Kenneth8. Parker 9. Thomas10. Madison

Least successful girls' baby names

1. Wilma 2. Weeza 3. Virgie4. Trixie 5. Tina
6. Swoosie7. Suzee 8. Soosie9. Sissy10. Mush

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Least successful boys' baby names

1. Rufus2. Rude 3. Butch4. Angel 5. Alfie
6. Gary 7. Normee 8. Bud9. Petie 10. Phonso

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Ruth Ben-Or

My parents thought Ruth would be a good choice because it would be easy to spell and pronounce, I'm not sure if they liked it especially. I never did have what they call a proper job, although when I added 2 longer but equally classic middle names, I did get some part-time academic work, wish I'd known earlier that adding a middle initial (or two) is supposed to be successful! Curiously, I did meet my future husband shortly afterwards.

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