Katie Price hits back at critics who accuse her of 'rotting' Bunny's teeth because of THIS snap

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Katie Price daughter drinking juice
Mum of five Katie Price has come under fire from fans after posting a picture of her youngest daughter Bunny, one, on Instagram.

The sweet family snap might have looked harmless from the first glance but fans were quick to spark a huge debate over the drink Bunny had been given in the photo.

The toddler can be seen to be drinking what looks like a fruit juice drink. Followers were quick to accuse Katie Price, 37, of 'rotting her teeth'. One user, thehorseyadorer, commented saying, 'If that is a baby bottle will rot her teeth #basic' while another, supercooper68 said: 'Please tell me that is not juice in a bottle! Really?!'

My little beaut ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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It wasn't long before others retaliated in defence of Katie, saying her parenting style was ultimately her decision. 'Here we go..the parent police are out. What she does or chooses to do with her child, has got nothing to do with anyone else,' one mother wrote, adding, 'My son drank juice out of a bottle and yes it was sugar free. So what?'

Katie, who captioned the sweet picture 'my little beaut' posted a response to those who were criticising her by assuring them that after five children she knew what she was doing. Katie wrote under her original photo: 'My kids are very happy and healthy and I'm sure I know what I'm doing after having 5 kids'

Daddy's girl ❤️❤️

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She then added: 'Thank you for people sticking up for me.'

Following the debate, a rep for Katie told the Mirror: 'All of Katie's children lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Occasionally the children are allowed a treat and the image captured one of those moments. I'm sure most mothers can relate to this!'

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What do you think of the criticism about giving children juice in bottles? Blown out of proportion or justified? Let us know in the comments below!

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not really anyones business but her own ..

Wendy Jeffery

If a child isnt able to yet cope with a cup whats the problem with putting the same sugar free juice in a bottle. The child has to drink. Many many people give their children drinks in a bottle. People are just having a pop because its Katie Price. You know the saying-people who live in glass houses.

Margaret Doney

When are you going to realise she only puts these and any other photo`s on-line so she can get a reaction just ignore the stupid bint and then she might disappear off somewhere and never to be seen again, oh what a perfect world that would be, and maybe just maybe she could take that other bint Hopkins with her?


If she has five children, she will know it's not good to give juice in a bottle & it's not what I would call a treat, damaging your child's teeth but then we all have different ideas

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