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So how does it work? On the 1st of every month a new Linky will launch here and be open for 2 weeks. Once closed, each of our BISS panellists will select their favourite, and the five selected will then go on to write a unique paid guest piece on GoodtoKnow.

The five posts will be staggered to go live each week and the blogger with the most page views in their dedicated week will be given the chance to write a further paid piece for GoodtoKnow.

If you fancy seeing your work here, share your best recent post with us in our linky. It can be about any subject matter, from parenting to fashion, cookery to travel - it doesn't matter, as long as you're proud of it.

December Linky

The December Linky is now closed. Our panel of bloggers have selected their 5 winners from all the amazing entries we received. Stay tuned to read more work from these bloggers on GoodtoKnow

The BISS competition will be taking a break in January but will return in February. Please submit any blog pitches to

Real life birth vs movie birth by Mumzilla
Vicki from Honest Mum said: 'I laughed out loud at this blog post. I'm always saying the movies lied to me pre-babies and I can't wait until someone depicts childbirth in all its forms with a bit more realism! Hilarious and honest, I loved this post!'

Why We’re All A Bit Rubbish by The Unfit Mother
Sarah from The Unmumsy Mum said: 'This post grabbed my attention and kept it. I felt quite choked up when I imagined the bedtime conversation and agreed with the sentiment at the end. Really enjoyed it.'

5 things you should know about parenting by The Martins Web
Sarah from Taming Twins said: 'This really useful little list is so interesting. Written by a former Key Stage 1 teacher, it's vital reading for all new school parents such as myself. I shall be reminding myself of all of these points before my first parent's evening in the coming weeks!’

Autism? More like bad parenting by Someone’s Mum
Emma from Brummy Mummy of Two said: 'I loved this honest post about autism. I thought the way the writer described the outbursts that to others seem like tantrums was brilliant. I like to think that I am a parent who doesn’t judge but after reading this I may think twice before raising my eyebrows at children if they are screaming in shops.'

The ghost at the classroom door by Mumamie
Emily from A Mummy Too said: 'The author shares gorgeous photos alongside a writing style that paints a vivid, compelling picture of what it’s like to visit, with plenty of useful information.'

September Linky

What Would Your Parenting Out Of Office say by and another ten things
Vicki from Honest Mum said: 'Honest, relatable and hilariously funny, if only we parents could actually put an out of office on! I love the writer's voice: so distinctive and original, a blogger I will keep coming back to! 

Being Scouted by This Mum’s Life
Sarah from The Unmumsy Mum said: ‘I absolutely loved this post! It caught me off guard and made me spit my tea out when I was reading it - so funny. But it also addresses a wider issue (in a humorous way). Would love to read more from this blogger.’

A Hairy Situation by The Confusing Diaries Of A Puzzled Mummy
Sarah from Taming Twins said: ’This post made me laugh out loud, absolutely hilarious. Written with buckets of witty observation and all of the cringe-worthy details, that made me gasp with a foggy recollection of my very similar experience. Who can forget that precious pregnancy moment of marital bonding?! Confused Mummy has captured it to a hilarious tee.'

Working Mum Guilt by An Ordinary Mummy
Emma from Brummy Mummy of Two said: ‘I loved this post as it was a really interesting way to tackle working mum guilt. Whilst we know and trust that our kids are left in the best hands as we make a living, society often makes us feel that we should be guilty when in reality we are just doing what is right for our family.’

Things To Do In The Burgundy Backgrounds by Extraordinary Chaos
Emily from A Mummy Too said: ‘The author shares gorgeous photos alongside a writing style that paints a vivid, compelling picture of what it’s like to visit, with plenty of useful information. 

August Linky

Our panel of bloggers have selected their 5 winners from all the amazing entries we received. Stay tuned to read more work from these bloggers on GoodtoKnow

Turn them into toads by Operation Parenthood
Vicki from Honest Mum said: 'We've all been there, dealing with judgemental looks and in this case, people voicing their unsolicited opinions/ editorial comments on our kids/ parenting style/ size of the prams we push our kids in. Engaging, well written, funny and with a great takeaway moral to remind ourselves we have the power the turn our antagonists into toads, I really enjoyed this post.'

7 things I learnt during our first public tantrum by Aspiring Yummy Mummy
Sarah from The Unmumsy Mum said: 'I chose this post because it was so relatable - we have all been there! In fact, I have quite literally been there with a toddler tantrum in the same shop Emma describes and it's always nice to feel that we are not alone in these testing moments. To be able to laugh is half the battle.'

Why I won't be #makingmemories this summer by Rebellious Mum
Sarah from Taming Twins said: 'This alternative look at the summer holidays made me laugh out loud as I'm constantly torn between being the "Making Memories Mum" and just getting through the day. Aren't we all? The selfless eating of Whisper Bites should also, always, be highly commended. A really enjoyable enjoyable read, perfect timing for the home straight of the summer holidays, from Rebellious Mum'

Sometimes by Mad House Mum
Emma from Brummy Mummy of Two said: 'I chose this winner as it was so refreshing to hear a writer talking about older children. I can’t imagine what it will be like when my two are all grown up and teenagers. And it’s great to see someone writing from that perspective with such fondness.'

Father's Day: The Real Gift by Candid Daddy
Emily from A Mummy Too said: 'Candid Daddy's post covers the heartbreaking experience of a couple going through miscarriage from a perspective seldom shared and rarely talked about: that of the father. It's an expressive and moving post. One that many of us - too many - will be able to identify with.' 

July winners

Not Less by Someone's Mum
Sarah from The Unmumsy Mum said: 'I chose this post because it was completely heartfelt and the writing made me feel something. It also made me eager to understand more about autism. I have actually reread this post several times and would love for others to read it.'

How to leave the house with children by This Little Sprog Blog
Sarah from Taming Twins said: 'Itemising the details of something so many of us try and manage every single day, made me laugh out loud. It seems so simple, just leave the house on time. The reality? Is really as ridiculously hilarious as this witty post shows. The nod at the end, to the fact that we're all going through the same, particularly made me smile.'

Berlin: a kid-free guide by Wife Of A Wig Wearer
Vicki from Honest Mum said: 'This piece was laugh-out-loud funny and full of personality and fun. I adore Berlin and after reading this, immediately want to return without kids for beers and rock concerts. The writer possesses a brilliant, lively and engaging voice: definitely one to watch.'

Today, I got it wrong by Mumexistant
Emma from Brummy Mummy of Two said: 'I really enjoyed this post as it showed both sides of being a Mum. Those times where you are tired and you do what you can to survive. When you beat yourself up and you worry you are never going to be good enough. Compared to those days where you smash and you love every second. For me that is what motherhood is truly all about.'

Postnatal Depression 'F*ck you!' by imummyblog
Emily from A Mummy Too said: 'It’s a moving, passionate and honest account of post-natal depression. Shaney’s experiences will no doubt help other families battling PND.' 

June winners

Slow Clap by Mummy's Writing Darling
Vicki from Honest Mum said: 'Parenthood can be incredibly tough and thankless at times but as Slow Clap so poignantly demonstrates, affirmations can arise at the most unlikely of times and when we need it most. A natural, gifted writer, structurally and emotionally, Slow Clap is quite honestly, one of the finest posts I've read. Congratulations.'

When a toddler's imagination takes a turn for the weird by The Identity Thieves
Sarah from The Unmumsy Mum said: 'Of all the blog posts submitted for me to read, this one made me want to seek out more to read from its author. It made me laugh because I can imagine my son doing the same and it perfectly captured an everyday 'at home' moment in a charming, humorous way.'

Family camping: What we learned by And Other Idiots
Sarah from Taming Twins said: 'This post was laugh out loud funny whilst incorporating genuinely useful tips. A winning combination. The anecdotes were full of wit and underlying warmth that (almost) made me want to pack up the car and buy a crate of crisps. I've bookmarked for any time in the future when my husband does manage to convince me to brave camping.'

My apologies to the galaxy by Stopping At Two
Emily from A Mummy Too said: 'I love that while tackling what is certainly one of the less rosy aspects of parenting, Karen strikes a perfect balance between honesty and humour. A little one’s angry words can really sting, but Karen's ultimately positive outlook shines through in her engaging writing style, seasoned with a dash of sarcasm, and she paints a rather endearing picture of a scenario that is all too familiar to parent’s everywhere.'

It started with a cup. Well, more of a pot than a cup by Twin Exhausted
Emma from Brummy Mummy of Two said: 'I chose this blog post as it made me giggle. It was a frank and open piece about IVF from the male perspective which you often don’t hear about. I loved the final part of the post comparing raising two cats to raising two babies and I would really like to know, a year on, how he found being the Dad of twins. I would be interested to see if it really was easy as he once thought?'

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