'I broke down' - Mum reveals the chilling truth behind a photo of her daughter she first thought was funny

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A mum's photo of her daughter has gone viral, after revealing that the seemingly innocent pic has a much darker meaning behind it.

The photo, which shows her daughter standing on top of a toilet, was initially taken because she 'thought it was funny', but mum Stacey Wehrman Feeley has since explained that she 'broke down' when she realised her daughter was actually stood in the position because she'd been taught to at preschool in case of a 'lockdown drill'.

The picture was originally intended to be sent to her husband as a joke. But Stacey, from Michigan, USA, was so shocked to discover that the picture actually depicted her three-year-old daughter 'practicing for a lockdown drill at her preschool', in case of being stuck in a bathroom if a gun crime were to occur, that she took to Facebook to share her horror.

In her Facebook post, Stacey says: 'I was going to send it to my husband to show what our mischievous little three-year-old was up to. However, the moment she told me what she was doing I broke down. She was practising for a lockdown drill at her preschool and what you should do if you are stuck in a bathroom.'

Stacey goes on to urge politicians to reassess the gun laws in America, especially after the tragic Orlando shootings, saying: 'This is your child, your children, your grandchildren, your great grand children and future generations to come. They will live their lives and grow up in this world based on your decisions.

'They are barely 3 and they will hide in bathroom stalls standing on top of toilet seats. I do not know what will be harder for them? Trying to remain quiet for an extended amount of time or trying to keep their balance without letting a foot slip below the stall door?'

The mum references the current gun laws in America: 'I am not pretending to have all the answers or even a shred of them, but unless you want your children standing on top of a toilet, we need to do something!'

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The Facebook post has since been shared nearly 9,000 times, with over 600 comments.

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What a wonderful lady! Well said and I hope one day the gun laws will change in U.S.A.

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