Babies and peaches: The photo trend that's taking Japan by storm

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A new social media trend has started in Japan, where parents are sharing pictures of their babies, covering their bums with peaches.

The trend started when printing company Kodomono asked their followers to share photos of their children, that they would 'want to keep'. The company asked them to share the pictures as part of a competition for their 2017 calendar.

Kodomono shared an example picture - a cute snap of a baby with its bum covered in a peach - and their followers copied. The photos are all tagged with a Japanese hashtag, which means peach in English, along with the company's hastag, which allows them to enter the competition.

・ igで見つけてやってみたかったやつ。 お風呂上がりのゆめさん ちょろちょろ遊びまわるから難しかった😂 ・ ・ どうでもいいけど部屋汚っ!! メイちゃんとダフィお気に入りで ずっと握りしめてる。女の子やね。 でも持ったままハイハイするのやめたげて! 雑巾のようになってるから✋ ・ ・ 前記事コメントありがとうございました。 なんとか赤みはひいて落ち着きました🙏 ・ ・ #親バカ部#生後12ヶ月#生後395æ—¥#1æ­³#カクレモモジリ#隠れてない#もも尻#モモ尻#桃尻#モモジリ#桃#はだかんぼ#初めての桃#好きな様子#コノビー#コズレ#コドモノ#ママリ#ベビフル

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Many of the photos are of the babies lying in their cribs, with parents taking the pictures when their babies were unaware of it. However some have been taken while their babies are crawling or playing, with the parents grabbing opportunities to take the peach-based pictures while their babies had their backs turned. 1000 posts of babies with peaches covering their bottoms have been posted on Instagram so far, with some sharing them but also adding comments and cartoons to the pictures.

According to the company's website, contenders for the photo competition have until the beginning of November to upload a picture to either their Instagram or Facebook pages, tagging in the company to the photo. The picture with the most amount of likes will be the winner and featured in their 2017 calendar.

This follows other social media trends attached to foods, such as the Cheerio Challenge last month, where a daddy blogger attempted to balance cheerios on his daughters nose, then challenged his followers to do the same and compete to place more cheerios on their children's noses while they slept.

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What do you think of these Japanese social media trend? Would you post a peachy picture of your baby? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.


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