16 men who REALLY didn't want to go shopping today

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Men who hate shopping
Let us start by saying that some men are truly great shopping companions.

Put these debit card-wielding heroes on any floor of a department store and they instantly become dedicated bag holders, die-hard complimenters, brilliant multi-storey carparkers, and never ever get sore feet. Some fellas have got their shopping trip routines down, and we love sharing the joy of new purchases with them.

And then there's these guys.

These men are the complete opposite of everything we've just described. They're not prepared for retail battle - they're tired, totally uninterested, and frankly, they couldn't give a damn which of those seven dresses looks best on you, they just want out of there, sharpish.

We can't say we blame them - shopping is hard work at the best of times, and we're sure their rests are well deserved, but we couldn't help but chuckle at their impatient faces and glazed over eyes.

Here are 16 men who just couldn't handle the retail heat - which one of them does your man most resemble?

This man, who wants you to just choose a teddy bear already

This man, who would rather wear the lingerie himself than wait here for another second

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This man, who is trying SO hard to pretend he's interested in those trousers

Just tell her it'll look great on her.

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This mini man, who's starting his training early

These men, who have entered varying states of despair

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This man, who's making the most of the store's generous furniture offering

#miserablemen in #Chile

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And this man, whose store doesn't offer furniture, so he's improvising

I like this guy.

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This man, who's taking his shut eye wherever he can

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This man, who's been left on babysitting duty

Haha. I like this one.

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These men, who don't know each other but share a common bond

This man, who's had his designated meatball allowance and is ready to crash

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This man, who may or may not have teenage daughters

The Plight of Man

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This man, who knows exactly how many minutes to the second you've been in there


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This man, who's letting his pillow do the talking

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These men, who found a place of collective solidarity in the terrifyingly pink world of Victoria's Secret

Oh, and Kanye West

Turns out, celeb or not, when you've gotta nap, you've gotta nap.

Continued below...

Is your other half a dedicated shopper, or more of a nap-in-the-corner-quietly kind of fella? Let us know in the comments below!

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