New dad eats his wife's placenta on toast and posts pictures online

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Dad eats placenta
A father of two has taken to Facebook to share his interesting meal choice after eating his wife's placenta with his full English fry up.

Ross Watson from Darlington has shocked the internet after posting pictures of himself eating his wife's placenta.

The images, which are quite graphic, show him draining blood off the placenta in a colander, piling the mound of blood soaked organ on a plate and starting to eat one long piece.

The insurance broker was sure to give viewers full disclosure of the act, and filmed himself eating the placenta and giving a commentary throughout. He accompanied the placenta with toast, beans and bacon to create a full English breakfast feel and even garnished with salt and brown sauce.

Ross, 32, has just become a father for the second time after his wife Heather, 38, gave birth to a baby boy last week. Ross told the MailOnline of his wife's reaction, 'She was disgusted but not surprised as it's me. I have form for crazy things.'

But Facebook users have been far less tolerant, most being shocked and repulsed. One Facebook user commented on Ross's pictures which he has shared publicly, 'You need your heed checked that's f***ing rank' whilst another branded him a 'cannibal'.

Ross has been undeterred explaining he wanted to try the 'edible and nutritious' organ and as he plans on having no more children he said, 'had to give it a bash mate, no more kids after this one so won't ever get chance again'.

He has replied to any questions coming from Facebook friends or viewers and says the placenta, 'doesn't taste of anything really, bit like sh** steak suppose'.

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Ross is encouraging people to share the 6 pictures and minute long video hoping for his bold actions to go viral. So far his video has been viewed nearly 19k times and has been shared 88 times.

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