Coronation Street star Mikey North is expecting his first child

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Mikey North
Soap star Mikey North has revealed that he and wife Rachael are expecting their first child together.

The 30 year old, who is best know for his role as Gary Windass in ITV's Coronation Street, opened up to OK! magazine about his excitement at becoming a dad.

'I was amazed,' he confessed. 'It's such a big miracle to happen in the first place. You find out and realise that your life is going to change forever.'

Rachael explained: 'I was doing tests for a week before because I was convinced I was pregnant, but they kept saying negative. But I just felt different.'

When the news was finally confirmed, Mikey said: 'We were both feeling emotional but, for once, I didn't cry. That makes a change – I must be starting to man up in my old age!'

The baby - whom the couple already know is a boy - is due on 7th November, meaning that it's likely that he was conceived on Mikey and Rachael's wedding night in January of this year.

'Judging by the date that the baby's due, we think we conceived on our wedding night! Which I do remember – just about!' he joked. 'We are really fortunate. We weren't expecting it to happen as soon as it did.'

Rachael told the mag that she had a feeling that they would be having a boy all along, with Mikey adding: 'Rach has always said she'll have two boys and I've thought the same. I know it's down to luck in the end, but we were always convinced that it would be a boy.'

When asked what he thinks his son will inherit from him, the actor added: 'He's probably going to take after his dad and be a sleepwalker!

'The other night I went to sleep in the spare room, so as not to disturb Rach, and I woke up in the street wrapped up in the duvet. I'd managed to turn off the burglar alarm before going out of the house, too!'

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Read Mikey and Rachael's full interview in this week's issue of OK! magazine, on sale now

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