Sam Faiers breastfeeds son Paul during live This Morning interview

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Sam Faiers sparked mixed, but mostly positive, reactions when she breastfed her son Paul live on This Morning.

Sam brought baby Paul to her interview with Phillip and Holly, and started by breastfeeding him while she talked about her new show, The Mummy Diaries.

Phil told viewers that it was Sam's choice to breastfeed her son, with Sam saying that they'd been stuck in traffic on their way to the set and she was feeding Paul just moments before going live on air, so continued when the cameras started rolling.

The TOWIE star went on to discuss her ITVBe show, and spoke about her life with partner Paul and baby Paul.

She revealed that the two of them want five kids, and are planning to move out of Essex to Surrey so they can have a 'bigger home in the countryside' for their future family.

The star also spoke out about the criticism she and her boyfriend have faced, especially about the time Paul gave his mum a kiss on the lips during one of the episodes.

'It was completely blown out of proportion,' Sam told Phil and Holly. She said she was totally surprised to see it make national news, and that the only thing her and Paul could do was laugh about it.

This Morning viewers took to Twitter to mostly praise Sam for ignoring the taboo on breastfeeding in public, with some viewers defending her from the negativity people were showing:

'Why are people trolling @SamanthaFaiers for breast feeding?! You can't control when a baby's hungry & she did it respectfully' wrote one user.

'@SamanthaFaiers some people have nothing better to do. They need to get a life! A mum feeding a baby is a beautiful sight.'

'A massive new found respect for @SamanthaFaiers breastfeeding live on #ThisMorning.'

'Good on @SamanthaFaiers breastfeeding live on @thismorning #supermum #thismorning can't wait for her show tonight.'

However, there were some less than positive comments.

'Nothing wrong with breastfeeding....but she did it for headlines. Let's not pretend.'

'Wow! I'm so in awe that Sam Faiers decided to breastfeed her baby live on TV... #publicitystunt.'

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I am against public breastfeeding when the breast is exposed as have seen some horrible ogles from "dirty old men" types in the past and offence from some of our older generation who cannot come to terms with this. However, I am so pleased that Sam used a scarf which negates both of these anti attitudes and has shown all Mums how they can do this without causing offence to anyone. Good for her!


I don't think she did anything wrong, she was covered up, nothing was on show, my friend always fed her little boy anywhere, even in church during harvest festival, he was always covered up. They cry when there hungry & it can make the mum leak milk, imagine what people would of said had she had wet spots on her top. I don't think breastfeeding feeding mums are ever going to win, your dammed if you do & your dammed if you dont

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