Schools ban children bringing in birthday cake and sweets to promote healthy eating

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Schools banning birthday sweets
Schools up and down the country have begun banning birthday treats for school children due to fears over childhood obesity.

For many children, taking cake or sweet treats into school on their birthday has been something of a tradition. But now, fears over childhood obesity and encouraging unhealthy attitudes towards food have led to many schools banning birthday treats.

Several schools have sent letters home to parents asking them to no longer treat their child and other children in their class on birthdays.

Some are also reviewing the idea that allergies hidden in food could be a problem, and are citing traces of nuts in sweets and cakes as another reason to ban them.

Dawnay Infant School in Leatherhead, Surrey, has posted a strong message in its latest newsletter to parents, informing them that healthy eating is their focus now which will take away from birthday sweets.

It read, 'In the past it has been traditional for children to bring sweets into school to share with their class. This year, however, we are aiming for a healthier school and will no longer be accepting them. We shall, of course, celebrate your child's day with a song and make them feel very special.'

Hillborough Infant and Nursery School in Luton revealed a similar message, 'As part of our wish to promote healthy eating, we have decided not to give out birthday sweets. Your child always receives a birthday card, and the class wish him or her a happy birthday.'

'There is no need for parents to provide sweets or any other items for birthdays. Children will no longer be able to hand out sweets, cakes or treats on their birthday.'

For many parents a big concern is that their child will no longer feel special on their birthday, and that the new rule is taking away a lovely tradition that they themselves had enjoyed at school.

This concern has been voiced by former school governor Margaret Morrissey, of pressure group Parents Outloud, who told The Daily Mail, 'Schools are going over the top and it is starting to impinge on children's pleasure.'

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Has your child's school created a similar to rule to this? How would you feel if they did? Let us know in the comment box!

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Schools think they are parents. They tell US what we can and cannot feed and let our kids drink. Its no wonder kids hate school these days. They are way too strict and overboard. If certain parents dont want their child to have sweets then let that child suffer and not get a treat, not the whole class. Why should all the children suffer because of the views of a few. There are only 30 kids in the class so thats only 1 month in the year (if all the kids celebrate their birthday) that the kids will have a packet of sweets, cake etc. What will they do next - cancel christmas.

Annie W

Just makes kids want them more.

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