'She's not allowed' Amy Childs reveals she won't let her daughter have plastic surgery

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Amy Childs
Amy Childs has revealed that she regrets having plastic surgery, and won't be letting her own daughter go under the knife.

The TOWIE star is known for her glamorous looks, having dabbled with plastic surgery a few times over the years.

But now the 26 year old is due to have her first baby - a little girl - and has admitted she wishes she had 'listened to mum' and not had plastic surgery herself.

It seems that becoming a mother has given the reality TV star and business woman a whole new perspective, after telling the Loose Women that she won't be letting her daughter follow her footsteps when it comes to surgically changing her looks.

Appearing on the ITV show, Amy was asked by the panel about having 'a little Amy', and how she would feel if her daughter went under the knife.

Saying, 'she's not allowed to have cosmetic surgery', the model made her thoughts on the subject very clear.

The mum-to-be remembered how her own mother had tried to warn her against having her breasts enlarged in the past.

'Mum told me and sat me down - she didn't want me to have my boobs done or anything.'

'I just wish I had listened to mum.'

Amy continued to admit that some of her procedures had become 'botched'.

'My lips were really bad, but that was me being obsessed. I see what I put my mum through, that's what I always say, but look we all make mistakes don't we.'

This isn't the first time Amy has spoken out about plastic surgery worries during her pregnancy.

At 18 years old Amy went under the knife to enlarge her breasts from an AA cup to a 30EE. Four years later, at 22, Amy went through more surgery to have a breast lift and place her breasts higher on her body.

The repetitive surgery on her breasts has meant there's a chance Amy won't be able to breastfeed her newborn. Now, eight years since her first operation, the star has revealed how much she regrets her choice while starting a family.

Speaking previously to The Mirror, Amy said, 'I'd love to breastfeed but I may not be able to. I wish I'd had none of it done.'

Admitting that she felt too young to make such a huge decision about her body at 18, the expectant mum confirmed that she couldn't see herself having surgery again - particularly because of the painful side effects her breasts have on her back.

'I don't think I'll want to be having surgery when I have children. I don't want any more surgery. I went under the knife when I was 18 and that was too young. I wish I'd had none of it because I get backache, my boobs and my nipples are so sore.'

However, the 26-year-old does seem keen on using some non-invasive weight loss treatments to help her lose her baby weight.

'There are so many more alternatives out there. After the baby, I'll have eight sessions of the fat-freezing non-invasive 3D lipo on my inner thighs and bum. People need to be so careful going under the knife.'

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Amy is set to welcome her first child with boyfriend Bradley Wright.

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