Mum shares emotional post about 'the challenges of breastfeeding'

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Mum struggles to breastfeed
Breastfeeding your baby is a completely natural and beautiful way to bond with your new child.

However, for those who struggle to breastfeed, it can be an incredibly heartbreaking and painful time.

One mum has taken to Instagram to reveal the pain of not being able breastfeed a week after giving birth to her son.

New mum Heyona wrote an incredibly open and emotional post, telling her followers of the heartbreak that comes with struggling to breastfeed her newborn son, Bo Namu Cho Liengaard.
'The feeling you get when your newborn cries for milk is hard to describe. The heartbreak you feel when your newborn cries and you don't have milk is even harder to describe', she said.

Heyona added that having to get up in the night to feed her baby formula makes her feel like a 'failure' as she said: 'When the night hits, I have to make a choice to supplement with formula or let him sleep hungry. Or more like wake up every hour, stress and fuss to clam his hungry cries, fight with my loving partner, and feel like a failure - shame.'

Heyona admitted feeling unprepared about the potential difficulties when breastfeeding and what to do if you can't express milk.


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'What the hell is in formula?', she questioned.

'Why does this stuff smell like rubber? Will my milk ever come in? Am I doing something wrong? Nobody ever told me. Nobody ever told me about the challenges of breastfeeding'.

But in sharing her own pain, Heyona hopes she will show other mums that breastfeeding doesn't come naturally to everyone.

'I speak to myself and whoever may be struggling to feed their newborn. Feel no guilt or shame as you continue into your journey of motherhood. Some things we just cannot control, and so, we will make the best choices that we know how and we will have done it all with love in our hearts SO full that it cries out from our eyes.'

Since sharing the post, others have been quick to praise the mum for her honesty and assure her that your ability to breastfeed doesn't impact your ability as a mother.

One Instagram user said: 'You and your baby are perfect. You radiate strength, beauty, and love and it's so spectacular to see. I know you're already the best mom and little Bo is so lucky to have you on his team.'

Another added: 'There's no right or wrong. I went through exactly the same thing 15months ago and my baby's is now a thriving toddler. Never doubt yourself and trust your gut feelings.

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'At the end of the day you're the one who knows about your baby more than anyone else.'

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