Mum shares heartbreak after firework explodes in four-year-old daughter's scarf

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Four year-old hit by firework
Bonfire night should be a fun and safe night of the year; a chance to hold sparklers, cosy up in your warmest hat and scarves, and for you and the kids to see some amazing fireworks.

But for one mum, bonfire weekend turned into a nightmare after a supermarket-bought firework got trapped and exploded in her four-year-old daughter's scarf.

Stephanie Roe shared the story of the traumatic night on Facebook, saying: 'You know those harmless boxes of quiet fireworks you can buy from the supermarket to do in your back garden? Turns out they aren't always so harmless... Sometimes instead of going 'up' they shoot horizontally across a field and embed in your 4 year olds scarf before they go bang.'

The mum shared the heartbreaking pictures of her daughter Maisie receiving treatment in hospital. In a later Facebook post, Stephanie explained that everything was done correctly, and there was no reason to think her daughter would be in danger.

Stephanie said: 'She [Maisie] was stood a good 10 metres away from where they were going off. On the firework scale it was a grade 2 firework, the kind you buy with your weekly shop. For use in a backyard with a 5 metre buffer zone.

'It should have gone straight up like the 4 before it and filled the sky with sparkles. It didn't. It went sideways and embedded itself in this little ones scarf before exploding.'

Stephanie has updated concerned Facebook users, revealing that her daughter is out of theatre and 'the burning to her face and ear seem superficial at this time'. However, she added that Maisie 'has full thickness burns to her head and shoulder that will probably require skin grafts'.

Speaking about her little girl's injuries, Stephanie added: 'Probably the most heart breaking of all are the superficial burns to her little hand where she's tried in vain to pull the firework off her before it exploded'.

The mum has since warned other parents of the dangers of setting off fireworks in your garden, saying: 'go to an organized display, it is NEVER worth the risk'.

Stephanie has also been promoting a petition, calling for the government to stop the sale of fireworks to the public, and to only approve organised displays.

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Im sorry but I think fireworks should stop altogether. Apart from the awful accidents like this, and the sheer terror inflicted on animals, both domesticated and wild, I went to an organised one last friday, the first I have been to for many many years, (I just dont like fireworks since seeing an childhood friend very badly burnt when one went down the front of his anorak and melted it to him) The fireworks last friday were lit a few hundred yards away, but due to high winds, the rocket 'debris' was coming down near people, I saw one just miss the head of a woman (she didnt know), and then one came down (very hard and fast) out of pitch black sky and hit me just above the knee on the soft fleshy part of my leg. It hurt and I have a 4 inch long, deep black/purple bruise. This however could have been my, - or worse - a childs face. A long thick heavy tube with a long stick could have done serious damage to a face. So yes ban them - full stop!!!

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