'Attention seeking' Sam Faiers causes controversy over latest breastfeeding photo

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Sam F
Sam Faiers has been accused of causing breastfeeding controversy once again after sharing an intimate snap of herself on social media site Instagram.

The TOWIE original is known for her open approach to breastfeeding and has been called out by followers before after sharing up close and personal videos and pictures on social media. Just last month Sam breastfed live on This Morning and received mixed opinions about her choice to do this on TV.

But it seems that this negative attention has not deterred the mum of one from sharing these moments with her son Paul, as she posted a personal family shot on Instagram yesterday.

Love my family â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ missed my sister and nelly soo much. #madhouse #family #love #feedingtime xxx

A photo posted by Samantha Faiers (@samanthafaiers1) on

Showing herself sitting down at the kitchen table, Sam is cuddling baby Paul close to her chest whilst he breastfeeds. Wearing an easy-t-open zip down sports jacket, Sam exposes some of her chest which has caused mixed comments on the picture.

Appearing to be talking to someone out of shot, Sam lays a protective hand on her niece Nelly who can be seen wearing an adorable onesie and trying to climb on to her aunties knee.

Sam captioned the photo, 'Love my family ❤️❤️ missed my sister and nelly soo much. #madhouse #family #love #feedingtime xxx'.

But to some Instagram users this didn't look like a sweet family picture, but more like a cry for attention.

One Instagram user posted, 'What an attention seeking photo. Why try and cause a riot you know what this picture will do. And before everyone kicks off I totally agree with breast feeding and being about to do it in public it's he most natural thing in the world but this picture has been posted for attention reasons only very disappointed in you Sam !!!'

Whilst other followers agreed with one commenting, 'You could have covered up a bit more and did you really have to broadcast it on here have a little dignity....' and another, 'I breastfed but I didn't feel the need to post it all over social media.. is it just to prove a point? I don't get it?!'.

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However some fans congratulated Sam on her efforts to normalise breastfeeding, with one commenting, 'It's so lovely to see a women breastfeeding her child these days... so everybody who is hating must have nothing better to do that run others down.'

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