Jamie Oliver sparks debate with picture of Jools carrying baby River in a front-facing carrier

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Jools Oliver and baby River
Fans have slammed Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools after the celebrity chef shared a picture of their son in a front-facing baby carrier.

Jamie uploaded the sweet snap of Jools and baby River, who was born in August this year, to his Instagram account to celebrate Jools' birthday, writing: 'Happy birthday Mrs Oliver !! 👍 42 today girl !! Jeeze where did all that time go since we first met, Hope you had a great day babe, love you and of course the dude that is baby River 🚀Oliver. Xxx'

However, the sentiment was quickly overlooked and instead, the picture was flooded with critical comments about River's positioning in the baby carrier Jools was wearing.

'The baby should never look forward!' one commenter wrote, while a second said: 'Nooo another crotch dangler baby carrier 😪 please look into ergonomic carriers'.

'Happy birthday!! But why you use an non ergonomic carrier for the baby ... ???? It's bad for his spine :(' a third added.

Many of Jamie's other 5.2 millions followers, however, hit back at the negative statements.

'Please don't spread misinformation. Narrow base carriers are perfectly safe if baby has no pre existing hip conditions. If mum and baby are happy and comfy there is no reason to disparage their choice. Happy Birthday Momma Jools! 😘🍰' one responded in defence of the couple.

'Happy Birthday Jools🎉and Omg please let her choose her own carrier😤she seem to have Done à great Job so far with 5 kids', one said.

'Stop complaining about the carrier. I have had this Babybjorn carrier for all my kids and it's fantastic. And facing the world is fine too... really!😁' someone else agreed.

Back with the gang now chilling and cooking today....raining cats and dogs....

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According to the NCT's baby sling safety information: 'Carrying a young baby facing out in a sling is not recommended, as it forces your baby's back straight against your chest, and causes their legs to dangle in a harness like position. This can mean the baby's weight rests on his crotch rather than being spread from his bottom and thighs.

'This type of sling also places your baby too low, with their head at mid-chest level. The design of this type of carrier and the low position of the baby are not always comfortable for the carrying adult either.

'Unfortunately, few of the major carrier brands sold on the high street meet the safety criteria highlighted above so it is important to look around and make sure the sling you choose supports and protects your baby's developing spine, hips and back of their head.'

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Neither Jamie or Jools have responded to the comments at the time of writing.

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Stefanie Leitner

Thanks for this article! There are really healthier ways of carrying a baby!

Kath Cumberpatch

the baby carrier is bad for River Olivers back ??????? well tell me how many of you moaning minnies keeep or have kept your babies in a car seat for more than the recommened 30 minutes , which in my eyes is nothing short of child abuse, so before you slam other mums look at what you do yourselfs

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