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The scoop on the most popular baby names is here!

We've taken a look at expert baby name website Baby Centre for the heads up on the most popular 2017 baby names so far this year. It looks like there's a mix of both traditional baby names as well as more trendy monikers.

Whatever you're looking for, we reckon there will be something in these top 20 little lads and lasses names to tickle your fancy, have a look and let us know if you pick one!

Baby Centre's top baby girl names for September 2017

1. Olivia
2. Emma
3. Isabella
4. Ava
5. Sophia
6. Mia
7. Amelia
8. Charlotte
9. Emily
10. Madison

Olivia has beaten Emma for the top place in the top baby names list, while Isabella jumped to third place ahead of Ava. Madison also entered the top 10, as well as Emily who was number six in June.

Baby Centre's top baby boy names for September 2017

1. Noah
2. Liam
3. Elijah
4. Ethan
5. Mason
6. Aiden
7. Oliver
8. Jackson
9. James
10. Lucas

There's been a few changes in the top 10 when it comes to the top baby names for boys too, as Noah beats Liam for the top spot. Lucas has dropped from number three to 10, while Elijah has climbed from eight place to third. Jackson also entered the top 10 at eight place, knocking Logan out the most popular baby names for boys.


Nameberry's top baby names for the first half of 2017

Naming experts Nameberry have revealed the most viewed names on their website for the first six months of 2017, and they're a real mix of classic and contemporary monikers.

Nameberry's top baby girl names for the first half of 2017

1. Olivia
2. Amelia
3. Charlotte
4. Isla
5. Isabella
6. Ava
7. Aurora
8. Evelyn
9. Penelope
10. Eleanor

Nameberry's top baby boy names for the first half of 2017

1. Asher
2. Atticus
3. Jack
4. Ezra
5. Theodore
6. Milo
7. Jasper
8. Oliver
9. Silas
10. Wyatt


Emma knocks Olivia off the top spot for top baby names 2017

For most of the year, the popular baby name Olivia has been at the top of most lists, but a recent update from Baby Centre has shown that Emma has once again risen above her rivals to become the number one girls' baby name for the year so far...

Baby Centre's top baby girl names for August 2017

1. Emma
2. Olivia
3. Ava
4. Isabella
5. Sophia
6. Mia
7. Amelia
8. Charlotte
9. Harper
10. Aria


Liam jumps to the top of the list of top baby names 2017

The list of most popular baby names is constantly changing, but in August, followers of the trends have been surprised by the growth of a very common first name for boys: Liam.

The name has jumped to the top of Baby Centre's list of top baby names, with some suggesting that the leap could be inspired by The Hills star Lauren Conrad, who chose the name for her son in July.

Baby Centre's top baby boy names for August 2017

1. Liam
2. Noah
3. Lucas
4. Mason
5. Oliver
6. Ethan
7. Logan
8. Elijah
9. Aiden
10. James


Natural world names predicted to be HUGE this year

The world around you is a BIG inspiration for baby names this year, with names like River, Willow, Aria and Fox making a list of names predicted to by huge in 2017. Netmums has predicted the most popular baby names for 2017 - and there are 21 interesting names on the list. So what are the themes? At least three of the names are gender neutral, with those unisex names working for boys or girls. Names referencing Greek and Roman mythology as well as Indian mythology, such as Maya, are also tipped to be big. Bettie and Sylvie are examples of modern takes on traditional names, Henrietta and Sylvia. Matching boy-girl names Theo and Thea are set to be coming to a classroom near you.

Here's the rundown:

Boys' names



Girls' names



Gender neutral names




Baby Centre's top baby girl names for June 2017

The half-year top baby names for 2017 are in, with Olivia leading the list for girls, and Muhammed pipping Oliver and Harry to the post for boys.

1. Olivia
2. Sophia
3. Amelia
4. Isla
5. Lily
6. Emily
7. Ava
8. Isabella
9. Mia
10. Isabelle
11. Grace
12. Charlotte
13. Poppy
14. Ella
15. Evie
16. Sophie
17. Phoebe
18. Freya
19. Chloe
20. Ivy

Baby Centre's top baby boy names for June 2017

1. Muhammad
2. Oliver
3. Harry
4. Noah
5. Freddie
6. George
7. Jack
8. Jacob
9. Charlie
10. Leo
11. William
12. Joshua
13. Oscar
14. Henry
15. James
16. Archie
17. Alfie
18. Theo
19. Logan
20. Max

Baby Centre's top baby girl names for May 2017

1. Emma
2. Olivia
3. Ava
4. Sophia
5. Isabella
6. Mia
7. Charlotte
8. Amelia
9. Harper
10. Aria
11. Abigail
12. Ella
13. Evelyn
14. Avery
15. Emily
16. Madison
17. Scarlett
18. Sofia
19. Lily
20. Mila

Baby Centre's top baby boy names for May 2017

1. Liam
2. Noah
3. Mason
4. Lucas
5. Oliver
6. Ethan
7. Elijah
8. Aiden
9. Logan
10. James
11. Benjamin
12. Jacob
13. Carter
14. Jackson
15. Sebastian
16. Alexander
17. Michael
18. Jack
19. Matthew
20. Luke

Baby Centre's top baby girl names for April 2017

1. Olivia
2. Lily
3. Sophia
4. Emily
5. Amelia
6. Ava
7. Isla
8. Isabella
9. Isabelle
10. Sophie
11. Ella
12. Mia
13. Poppy
14. Evie
15. Charlotte
16. Chloe
17. Grace
18. Scarlett
19. Alice
20. Freya

Baby Centre's top baby boy names for April 2017

1. Oliver
2. Muhammad
3. Noah
4. Harry
5. Jack
6. Charlie
7. Jacob
8. George
9. Ethan
10. Henry
11. Oscar
12. James
13. Joshua
14. Freddie
15. Leo
16. Alfie
17. Max
18. Thomas
19. William
20. Finley

Baby Centre's top baby boy names for March 2017

If you're having a bouncing baby boy, don't worry Baby Centre have got you covered with the most popular baby boy names in March 2017. Check out this top 50 for your little man.

1. Liam 
14. Carter27. Daniel39. Muhammed
2. Noah15. Sebastian28. Jaxon40. Julian
3. Mason16. Jayden29. Levi41. Joshua
4. Oliver17. Alexander30. Adam42. Eli
5. Lucas18. Jack31. Owen43. Caleb
6. Elijah19. Luke32. Josiah 
44. Hunter
7. Ethan20. Matthew33. Lincoln45. Ryan
8. Aiden21. Michael34. Isaiah46. Nathan

9. James

22. Gabriel35. Joseph47. Anthony
10. Logan23. William36. David48. Leo
11. Benjamin24. Henry37. Samuel49. Isaac
12. Jackson25. Wyatt38. Dylan50. Andrew
13. Jacob26. Grayson  

Baby Centre's top baby girl names for March 2017

Baby name site Baby Centre has been tracking the most popular names for this year already. With some super pretty name inspiration in there, it's definitely worth taking a look at this top 50 of baby girl names for 2017.

1. Emma 
14. Avery27. Zoey39. Paisley
2. Olivia15. Madison28. Aubrey40. Aaliyah
3. Isabella16. Evelyn29. Elizabeth41. Maya
4. Ava17. Lily30. Nora42. Brookyln
5. Mia18. Sofia31. Hannah43. Leah
6. Sophia19. Scarlett32. Stella44. Savannah
7. Charlotte20. Mila33. Victoria45. Audrey
8. Amelia 21. Riley34. Addison46. Camila
9. Harper22. Chloe35. Luna47. Lillian
10. Aria23. Penelope36. Natalie48. Bella
11. Emily24. Ellie37. Skylar49. Hazel
12. Ella25. Layla38. Lucy50. Elena
13. Abigail26. Grace  

Bounty's top baby names February 2017

Baby name website Bounty has done a little round up of the most popular baby names for the month of love, so for any parents-to-be waiting for their Spring bundle of joy to arrive, these lists could provide some inspiration.

If you don't know what the gender of your baby will be yet, why not take our boy or girl quiz and take a fun guess?

In the girls' category there are some running themes throughout the top 10 names, with a lot of soft 's' sounds in baby girl names like Sophie, Daisy and Jessica. Flower names also seem to popular, particularly those ending with a 'y' like Poppy.

For the lads, it's cheeky chappy names that are coming out on top. We can imagine lots of little Harrys and Charlies tearing around in a few years time! We're also massive fans of the baby boy name Oscar, which comes in at number seven - is it co-incidence that the Oscars are also in February? Very topical name choosing from mums and dads!

Most popular girls' baby names for February 2017

1. Olivia
2. Ava
3. Layla
4. Poppy
5. Ella
6. Sophie
7. Jessica
8. Daisy
9. Grace
10. Emily

Most popular boys' baby names February 2017

1. Harry
2. Oliver
3. Jack
4. Charlie
5. Jacob
6. James
7. Oscar
8. Alfie
9. George
10. Leo

Nameberry's fastest rising baby names for January 2017

The experts at baby name website Nameberry have looked at the names that saw the biggest increase in page views in January 2017 compared to the same period in 2016, and monikers Tatjana and Kyd are on track to be among the most popular baby names of 2017.

'The results are astonishing: a whole raft of hot new names signal a major cultural shift in 2017,' Nameberry writer Pamela Redmond Satran said.

The name Tatjana for girls and Kyd for boys saw the biggest spikes in searches over the last year, while Tahiti took the number three spot on the girls' list and French name Lucien was 10th on the boys' list.

Fastest rising girls' names for January 2017

1. Tatjana (+1508 per cent)
2. Alizeh (+748 per cent)
3. Tahiti (+551 per cent)
4. Moana (+467 per cent)
5. Ines (+338 per cent)
6. Seren (+239 per cent)
7. Rosamund (+237 per cent)
8. Alisha (+178 per cent)
9. Samara (+155 per cent)
10. Lilian (+124 per cent)

Fastest rising boys' names for January 2017

1. Kyd (+4141 per cent)
2. Benajah (+2300 per cent)
3. Sulien (+1656 per cent)
4. Koa (+322 per cent)
5. Gunther (+307 per cent)
6. Cassian (+191 per cent)
7. Beauregard (+147 per cent)
8. Albie (+120 per cent)
9. Issac (+114 per cent)
10. Lucien (+87 per cent)

The site has also revealed the top 100 baby name predictions for 2017, which had already begun to show that parents are steering clear of traditional ideas and the more popular baby names will be a less conventional mix.

From weird to wonderful, and demonic to feminist, we're set to see some unique names rising to the top of the ranks.

A huge trend that Pam hinted towards is mythical, heavenly names that embody power. She expects that people will be naming their children after Greek gods, with choices such as Thor, Persephone, Jupiter, Atlas, Pandora and Zeus.

Interestingly this trend has already been well and truly sparked with five boys being named God in 2015, along with 20 named Lord, 27 called Saviour and 40 baby girls named Goddess. This could also be a nod towards power couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's choice to name their baby boy Saint in 2015.

Would you consider calling your child Saint?

Other general themes that will be determining parents' name choices are unique spellings, in both new names and traditional ones, as well as non-traditional gender identities such as James, which Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds chose for their baby girl in 2014.

Nameberry's top 100 baby name predictions for 2017

Nameberry have whittled down thousands of names to find the top 100 that will be huge this year. A mix of creative and classic, we're sure there's something here that will catch your eye!

1. Alden26. Cressida51. Isadora76. Remy
2. Amity27. Cyrus52. Keziah
77. Reuben
3. Amos28. Daisy53. Lachlan
78. Roman
4. Araminta29. Dashiell54. Lark79. Rosamund
5. Arcadia30. Delphine55. Lionel
80. Ruth
6. Archer31. Dylan56. Louise81. Sadie
7. Arrow32. Echo57. Loxley82. Sage
8. Ash
33. Eliza58. Loyal83. Sasha
9. Astrid34. Ember
59. Lucian84. Saskia
10. Auden
35. Emilia60. Lula
85. Sayer
11. Aviva36. Esme61. Lux
86. Simone
12. Baxter37. Esther62. Marguerite
87. Snow
13. Bea38. Felicity63. McCoy88. Soleil
14. Benno39. Felix
64. Mirabelle89. Sybil
15. Birdie40. Fiona65. Monty90. Sylvie
16. Booker
41. Forrest66. Osiris91. Tallulah
17. Bowie42. Frank
67. Otis92. Thea
18. Briar43. Frankie68. Otto
93. Thor
19. Calliope
44. Geneva69. Ozzie
94. Vera
20. Cassius45. Gideon70. Pearl95. Wilder
21. Celeste46. Goldie71. Persephone96. Winnie
22. Clara47. Greer72. Posey
97. Winston
23. Clark48. Gus73. Quincy98. Yara
24. Clark
49. Indigo74. Ray
99. Zelda
25. Corin
50. Iris75. Reeve100. Zinnia

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