This dad's hilarious sticky notes reveal struggles every parent can relate to

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Message in a bottle
One dad's Instagram account has gone viral after he used Post-it notes to capture the hilarious thoughts that all parents have about their kids.

Stay at home dad Chris Illuminati has experienced his fair share of brilliant but disastrous moments looking after his two children - beginning with the first time his wife left him alone with their newborn, and he forgot to change the baby, despite her sarcastically writing down every instruction.

It was from there that his account, Message With a Bottle, was born, and using the same sticky notes Chris has gone on to record some of his biggest pet parent peeves, funniest moments and most relatable situations with his kids.

We've picked some of our favourites, from the sheer panic every parent feels when they realise their little one has dropped their favourite toy and Flopsy is on a shop floor somewhere, to walking into the bathroom to see your mini me has left you a nice floating surprise in the toilet - it's called a flush, am I right!?

1. Maybe this will keep them quiet...

And if this doesn't work just move out. #dadlife #kids #angermanagement #chill

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#parenting #funny #kids

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3. We know the feeling.

Happy Easter!! #family #shootme

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4. They know EXACTLY what they're doing.

5. Can your children recognise the smell of burnt food? Ours just think that's called dinner.

They're baaaccccckkk #notes #mwab #parenting #cooking

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6. Beware of toddlers wielding one of these.

7. It could be worse...

Thank god "fuck" isn't in the dictionary or I'd be the one he'd yell for. #funny

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8. We promise you this is just the beginning.

It only exists in my wildest dreams. Wildesssstttt dreeeaammss #taylorswift

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9. Oh, how times have changed.

#tbt to all the times I paid to get into places and also would have paid to get out #kids #parenting #dad

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10. *cheeky monkey face*

Yes that's a nightstand. Yes those are stickers. Whatever. #kids

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