'We're expecting' The most awkward baby announcements you'll ever see

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If you thought Beyonce's baby announcements are full of cringe moments, then these photos compiled by Awkward Family Photos will definitely have you wincing.

The website, which regularly posts hilariously bad family shots, have a dedicated series of photos showing couples sharing their happy baby news.

And of course, they really didn't go as planned - or maybe the baby announcement idea sounded better than the actual reality.

One photo shows an American couple celebrating their good news, and her baby bump, by drawing a baseball ball on the woman's stomach, while her partner holds a baseball bat.

Image: Awkward Family Photos

We can see that the intention was there, especially if they're mad baseball fans - but the photos just look just a little wrong...

<Image: Awkward Family Photos
This husband obviously has a very unique sense of humour, as instead of sharing a nice picture of the bump, or perhaps one of the baby scan - he instead decided to share this picture of his poor wife being sick in the toilet.

Image: Awkward Family Photos
And it's not just one dad who got snap happy when their wife was being sick. This woman has just given birth and the dad was obviously keen to show the world as soon as possible that their new baby had been born.

Image: Awkward Family Photos
This gender reveal photo was supposed to be a happy time for the whole family. But while the parents look delighted that they'll be having a baby boy their daughter doesn't look quite as happy as them.

Image: Awkward Family Photos
We're hoping this woman put her Photoshop skills to the test for this baby announcement picture - otherwise we'd be slightly worried about her.

Image: Awkward Family Photos
This picture of the mother to be with angel wings on would have been perfectly fine on its own....

Image: Awkward Family Photos
While it's nice to get the whole family involved in the announcement, involving the family animals maybe one step too far.

Image: Awkward Family Photos
And while most families get excited about a new baby, this humorous photo shows it may just be the mum who's happy about their new arrival.

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