'Why is the girl kissing?' M&S comes under fire for 'sexist' store mannequins

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M&S has come under fire after a picture of a nine-year-old girl seemingly unimpressed with a kissing mannequin in the store was shared on Facebook

In the photo, shared on Facebook page Let Clothes Be Clothes, the girl seems unable to hide her disgust at a 'kissing' girl mannequin during a visit to her local high-street store.

Stumbling across the mannequins in the school uniform section of the shop, she asked 'why is the girl kissing but the boy is jumping?'

In another strike out at gender stereotyping among girls and boys, the image shows a young girl mannequin of primary school age leant forward with a kissing-face pose, with a young boy mannequin of the same age jumping behind her.

Facebook users have suggested that the mannequin set up is reminiscent of the playground game of 'kiss chase'.

The snap has created quite a stir with the page's 11,460 followers. One user also spotted a similar mannequin in her local M&S store

Another wrote: 'There's something really unsettling about that child mannequin, it's not right.'

Though, not everyone agreed, with one Facebook follower commenting: 'Lighten up. The girl is whistling and hiding a catapult behind her back.'

While another user said: 'That is seriously outrageous', with another commenting simply with: 'disgusting.'

M&S isn't the only store to come under fire for gender stereotyping. Family favourite Clarks recently sparked debate when one mum took to their Facebook page to ask why they don't sell 'sensible' shoes for girls.

Parent Jacqueline Landen took to the Clarks Facebook page after a shopping trip to complain about the lack of choice of adequate footwear in the girls' shoe department.

'I would love to know why you don't sell any 'sensible' school shoes for girls?' she asked the company, in a post which has since received more than 400 likes.

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What do you think, is this a bit of harmless fun or should stores be more responsible with their mannequins? Let us know in the comments box below.

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I'm very disappointed by the way that girls are portrayed in M&S stores. The selfie kiss pose and some of tne sexy fashions are not ideal for young children. Let children enjoy being children, do not burden them with unnecessary concerns. Portray girls as aspiring artists, entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists, architects, professors, archiologists, teachers, chefs, tailors, farmers etc. As cyclists, runners, hockey players, swimmers, gardeners, archers, musicians, hikers, rowers, sailors etc. Give them inspiring role models. We are failing yet another generation of girls if we are teaching them to 'be sweet' 'be cute' and worst of all 'be sexy'. Are we still in this Victorian mindset. Teach our girls to live! And teach them to have concern for others.

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