Gaz Beadle's girlfriend Emma McVey slammed on social media for not breastfeeding newborn son

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gaz beadle and emma
Gaz Beadle and his girlfriend Emma McVey have been heavily criticised on social media after appearing to feed their baby formula only a few days after he was born.

The young couple announced the lovely news of the birth of their first child earlier this week, and the doting dad later took to Instagram to post an adorable picture of him and his son, where he's seen feeding his baby with a bottle.


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However, many of the Geordie Shore star's fans weren't happy with the snap, and started trolling the new parents on the comments section, which forced Gaz to disable that function on the picture.

The extreme measure didn't stop fans from debating the parents' decision though, and they started discussing the same topic under other snaps.

One wrote: 'Breast is best and any midwife will tell you that especially the much older midwives, I hope your misso ends up breastfeeding, it's a beautiful bonding experience just make her cover up'.

Another also said: 'Your little one is so small and already on formula? Is that why there's no comments allowed on the picture you are feeding him ? So sad to deprive a child of what is best for them out of convenience'.

That is my little finger ð±ð’ð‘¶ð¼.... best mates for life ð

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Not everyone was slamming the couple however, with some defending their decision and pointing out that there could be a number of reasons behind it.

'It must be cool to know them personally and know why the baby is being formula feed. Tell me, is mum producing enough milk? Has she been easily been able to attach the baby to breast feed easily, is the mother ok enough to nurse her own baby? Perhaps they’re mix feeding and it gives a chance for Dad to feed and bond with his baby. A fed baby is what’s best for any baby', one wrote.

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Another commented: 'erm sorry who are you to tell them what’s best for their baby!! My baby was formula feed from day 1! There might be reason to why there baby has to be formula fed or they may just choose to do it that way either way it’s none off your business!! They're his parents and will be bring him the way want to they know what’s best for THEIR baby got nothing to do with any else one!!!'

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Sandy Edwards

I think breastfeeding is best but it's not my business what other mothers do. My youngest wouldn't suck when she was born so the nurse tried a bottle (that didn't work either), and when I tried to feed my son expressed milk or water he wouldn't take it as he'd never had a bottle before, which meant that nobody could feed him except me until he was old enough to drink from a cup!


Why do some people feel they have the right to condemn women for not breast feeding, i didn't breast feed any of my 5, just out of choice & health wise they have had no problems whats so ever & not one midwife tried to pressurise me into doing it. I think you high & mighty people need to calm down, get on with your own perfect lifes & let others get on with what they prefer to do


I agree with Lynn Dunn - and the two comments used in the article - it's NOBODY's business but the parents about why a child is breast fed or not!!! As Lynn says, not everyone is able to breast feed. I am another one of those people. I tried with both my daughters - one I gave up because the medication I was put on for an infection was in my milk and stopped from feeding; the other I had difficulty with from the get-go and was basically told to either get on with it or use formula!! Not very nice 2 days after giving birth! MAYBE these days it would be different but it still does not alter the fact that it is the PARENTS decision, not necessarily choice, about how they feed their child. Let's face it, that's why there used to be "wet nurses" because, throughout time, not everyone has been lucky enough to be able to breast feed. It's high time some of these people who scorn these mothers actually gave some thought to what they are doing - and STOPPED THEIR NASTY COMMENTS!!!!

Lynda Dunn

I am so fed up with people condeming new mothers for not breast feeding. My 4 children were all bottle fed and are all grown up now - fit and healthy. It broke my heart when I found out with my first child that, after trying everything, I was unable to breast feed. So please, before you post nasty coments, think that maybe not everyone is able to breast feed.

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