Martin Lewis breaks down as he opens up about his mother's tragic death for the first time

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Martin Lewis
TV presenter Martin Lewis has opened up about tragically losing his mother when he was only 12-years-old for the first time.

The 45-year-old was speaking on Radio 5 Live when he broke down as he relived the time when he was told his mum had passed away.

Martin was only 12 years old, and a few days away from turning 13, when his mum died in an accident.

'What happened to me was, three days before my 12th birthday, I went to Sunday school, or Jewish Sunday school, as it was.

'Someone strange picked me up and took me home. I knew them but it wasn't what I was expecting and when I went home I was told there had been an accident.

'My Mum and my sister had been horse riding and there had been an accident involving a lorry, and nobody told me how serious it was', he recalled.

Martin then confessed that he didn't realise how serious the accident had been, and that his worry was that his mum wouldn't be able to come to his birthday party.

'I always remember worrying because my mum was in hospital and I was worrying that she wouldn't be there for my birthday in three days time.

'And my grandmother, my Dad's mother, said to me, "It's alright, she'll be here for your Bar Mitzvah," I'm a Jewish boy, that happens when you're 13, and I thought nothing of it.

The TV presenter went on to say that his mother's death marked the end of his childhood.

'The next day my dad told me that she had died that morning and that was the end of my childhood, that moment. I cried every day until I was 15 and then I stopped crying and became brittle.'

Ahead of Mother's Day on Sunday, Martin - who's been married to Lara Lewington since 2009 - also said he was only able to celebrate the day again after his daughter was born.

'Even when I married my wife, when it was Mother's Day, she would go with her mother for Mother's Day and I could not go with,' he admitted. 'I couldn't do it. I couldn't cope with Mother's Day.

Martin married TV presenter Lara Lewington in 2009

'Only now, thank God, with the great joy of having my daughter, only now is my wife has become Mummy, has Mother's Day become something that I can actually cope with going through', he said of the birth of his daughter in November 2012.

The journalist, who frequently appears as an expert on Good Morning Britain and This Morning, also said that he attributes some of his success to his mother's death.

He said: 'You can push harder, you can work longer, you can be stronger, you can take people not liking you, although I am not as good as that as I used to be.

'When I was in my 20s I was incredibly bullish. I think that came from "nothing is every going to be able to touch me or hurt me like it already has done".

'And I hate the fact that some of my success is due to that. And I would change it for the world, of course I would.'

In a bid to help people going through the same situation, Martin is a patron of the charity Grief Encounter and offered advice on how to help people through grief.

'If you know a child, or an adult, grief is a natural process, don't shy away from them, don't force them to talk if they don't want to but address and acknowledge what's happen.

'But you do have to acknowledge and be there and be there to talk to and have a conversation.

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'It is far better to remember the wonderful person that you lost, than to remember you lost a wonderful person.'

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Rebecca Swann

Oh Harry, oh dear, what a unkind thing to say about someone who is trying to draw attention and give support to bereavement & grief and can only just manage to talk about the death of his mother all these years later. Empathy is a word maybe you should look up in the dictionary. You may NOT CARE but thankfully there are many that do.......

Jennifer Barnard

If you lost someone close to you how would you feel if you had not come to terms with it? Regardless of the status personality or not its hard, i was 21 just turned when my Dad passed away suddenly 40 years on i still miss him cry when i hear a certain piece of music he liked i couldnt grieve as i had my mother and 3 younger kids to take care of to busy sorting supporting them out unable to do this does leave a mark on your life. But talking about it coming to terms with it i was able to go to his grave and not cry for the first time last year. Dont slate people if you havent gone through the heart ache yourself being unable to share the grief is hard to live with

Jennifer Barnard

Its hard to come to terms with death at any age, but when your an adult you tell the truth to a younger member of the family unit that way you can talk to them and they can talk over the death of that family member. Maybe if your Dad , or whoever told you what had happened and how your mother passed it would if made it easier and accept she had gone tackling death is a had subject but acknowleding and dealing with this helps. Being a personality doesnt mean your not affected but you could speak about it and help others going through this terrible time but dont cream of it do it as a person not a personality dont earn brownie points be yourself losing a close family member is hard even when your a child but talking helps i dont think this happened in your case is that the way in such religions if so its harsh


Oh Martin, a tragedy ideed, but do you really think we care? Get over it. Self appointed tv personalities bleeting about their difficulties some forty odd years on is rather self indulgent don't you think? In the words of the prophet.. Grow a pair.

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