A tale of snow

Karen is a mum of mixed sex, 15-year-old twins. And knows it. Each week she shares with us what her teenage two have been up to.

‘There are 3 big events in every child’s annual calendar: birthdays, Christmas and snow. Last Friday, large fluffy flakes of the white stuff cascaded from the sky. The school emailed to say that they were closing at lunchtime and the kids tumbled out into the snow, rushing home for sledges, toboggans and welly boots. Not so my son.

“I hate the snow,” he moaned.

He may only be 15 but sometimes I swear he morphs into Victor Meldrew. No amount of encouragement would convince him to brave the elements. Instead he spent the afternoon playing Clash of Clans on the iPhone.

The weekend passed without so much as a snowball being thrown and, come Monday, we received word that the school was open. He’d been banking on another snow day so he was clearly fed up as they headed for the school bus. He was even more fed up when he came home.

“I’ve lost my phone,” he groaned. 

Apparently, once he was actually at school with his friends, the temptation to charge around like a loony and pelt people with snow got the better of him. The result? The new iPhone which he’d got for Christmas had fallen out of his pocket. He’d told the teachers, retraced his steps and done everything possible to find it with no luck.

The snow lay on the ground for a week and my son moped around the house with a face like thunder suffering from Clash of Clans withdrawal symptoms. With every day that passed hopes of it being handed in began to fade.

The following weekend the thaw arrived and my husband insisted we go to the school and have one last look before the rain set in. Amazing though it may seem, we found it. Not only was it still working, but it still had 35% charge after having lain on a snowy field for 6 days!

“I don’t believe it!” cried mini Victor.

Nor did I. He’d had a narrow escape. Hopefully he’ll do what he’s told next time and keep his phone zipped in his inside blazer pocket.

Kids these days walk around with such expensive pieces of equipment: phones, headphones, trainers, designer clothes. When they lose them or have them pinched, is it really their fault or does the fault lie with us for buying them for them in the first place?’

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