Baby modelling: Everything you need to know

So you think your baby is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen – but are they model material? We look at what you and your child need to get started in the world of baby modelling, how you go about it and whether you’ll make any money.

Is your baby suitable?

We’ve established that your baby is gorgeous, but would they be snapped up for photo shoots? Clear skin and bright eyes are two of the most important things your baby can possess to give them a good chance of becoming a baby model.

But looks aren’t the only thing that matter in baby modelling. We’ve all heard that animals and children are the hardest things to work with and this is particularly true with photography. Photographers want their job to be as easy as possible and so your little one’s going to need to have a sunny nature and not just when you’re holding him – around strangers too.

Where you live is also important. Most photo shoots that aren’t for local papers will take place in big cities – you might have to be prepared to do quite a bit of travelling if you don’t live near to one. Some agencies even say that their models must be within an hour of London so be prepared.