The 9 best (and most awkward) Strictly moments that ever happened

It’s been 11 years since Strictly Come Dancing first dazzled us with its glitterball glare and became a permanent feature in our chilly winter weekend evenings.

Each year we wait patiently for Strictly Come Dancing to trot its fancy feet back onto our TV screens so we can cast our eyes over the costumes, the celebrities, and, most importantly, the dancing disasters.

On many occasions, we have found ourselves cringing along to the contestants’ super-cheesy moves, the most outrageous costumes and the stiffest dances imaginable.

Let us take you on a trip down a musical memory lane as we relive the 8 most awkward, embarrassing and cringeworthy moments we’ve been exposed to through watching Strictly over the years…

9. Carol Kirkwood’s 2015 Cha Cha

If BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood taught us anything, it’s not to mix work and well, dancing. Choreographing her Cha Cha to Meck’s ‘Thunder in my Heart’ was the first of a whole storm of weather related puns, as the routine saw Carol presenting an excessively glittery version of the forecast and partner Pasha lowered from the ceiling riding a shining lightning bolt. Bruno described the escapade as a ‘technical drought’, but we were rather too absorbed by her overt facial expressions to notice much dancing…

8. John Sergeant’s 2010 Paso Doble

John, who is about as light on his feet as a charging bull, dragged his partner Kristina Rihanoff across the dance floor like a rag doll. We assume it was meant to appear sleek and graceful, but in reality it made us feel slightly uncomfortable… and left us wondering about the state of poor Kristina’s back!

7. Deborah Meaden’s 2013 Cha Cha

Let’s just say the chosen song of ‘Respect’ was ironic. We love a trier, but Deborah’s dance really was something else. We just aren’t used to seeing Deborah wiggle her hips, dressed all in pink, with a nervous smile, doing twirls around a dance floor… and it’s probably not something we’d like to repeat. Look out for her finest move, we call it the ‘star jump’

6. Matt Di Angelo’s 2012 Foxtrott

With all that fancy footwork to think about, poor Matt forgot his steps – and his chemistry with Flavia probably didn’t help either. Instead of grinning and bearing it, Matt gave up and sat down on the steps by his professional dance partner.

5. Greg Wallace’s 2014 Charleson

We really, really wanted to like Greg’s dancing, we had even heard he had been on a strict preparatory diet for the show and had tattoos removed, but we just couldn’t quite get on board. Chef’s whites crossed with ballroom dancing just felt wrong.

4. Judy Murray’s 2014 Cha Cha

We had high hopes for Judy’s athletic capabilities but she’s about as wooden as a tennis racquet on the dance floor. This time, the Strictly creative team decided tennis was the obvious theme. Watching Anton De Beke get on his knees in front of Andy Murray’s mum made us blush with embarrassment as he held onto her bottom (a little too firmly for our liking! But the most awkward moment comes as Judy tried to do a little shimmying with a towel, quite bizzare.

3. Chelsea Healey’s 2011 Tango

Poor Chelsea was doing well in her Halloween-themed Tango until her dress let her down. Donning a costume that proves to a be a little more revealing than the star might have liked, Chelsea’s boobs make their very own cameo in the dance. The celebrity can be seen pulling up her dress more than once and even flashes a nipple at one point, whoops! At least there was a smoke machine to blur the view and spare us seeing too much.

2. Russell Grant’s 2011 Jive

It’s always the silliest routines that we love the most and this one is almost topping our list of favourite Strictly memories ever. With Russell being propelled out of a rocket, across the ceiling and onto the dance floor, the routine is so embarrassingly good, we can’t watch this enough times! Look out for an awkward game of hide and seek Russell plays behind Flavia’s legs, it’s extremely awkward. Sometimes it’s the worst dancers that make the best television, so thank you Russell.

1. Anne Widdecomb’s 2010 Tango

It had to be our winner. If you’re a Strictly fan, you’ve probably seen this – it must be the most talked about routine in its history! Watch in a mixture of awe, terror and incredulity as Anne is suspended from the ceiling of the Strictly studio. We particularly like the addition of a surprised cat in this version, it somehow sums up our feelings so accurately. At the end, Strictly judge Craig only had three letters to describe the performance…’O.M.G’ and, for a change, we had to agree with Craig!