Children’s games around the world

Wherever they live, the one thing all children love to do is play. We discover the most popular games from around the world.


The Dragon
In this game, up to 10 children form a human chain, with each child putting their hands on the shoulders of the person ahead of them.
*The one at the front is the dragon’s head, the one at the end is the tail.
*The head tries to catch the tail, but the rest of the dragon’s body try to stop him.
*When the head eventually catches the tail, the tail becomes the head and everyone moves down a place and starts again.


Little Mouse
In this game, mum or dad run their fingers all over their baby’s body until they find a house for the mouse, and then they tickle the spot. And then, of course, the baby giggles!

Here comes a mouse and it’s looking for a house, not there, not there, but here!

Jen Pedersen’s Cow
In this Danish rhyme, both adults and toddlers mime the actions of the cow, and join in at the end with the loudest ‘Moo!’ possible!
Jen Pedersen’s cow has two horns (make horns with your fingers on your forehead)
And legs to walk on the ground (stamp your feet)
And a tail it uses to smack (wave your arms behind your back, and clap on ‘smack’)
To chase all the flies away. (wave your hand in front of your face)
And do you know what it does? (waggle your forefinger)
Yes, it gives milk in a bucket, (make a milking action with your hands)
And then it bellows, butts and stares (mime the three actions)
For she is a very special cow.
Moo! (all moo together)


The Horned Goat Is Coming
Here’s another rhyme featuring animals. This one is used to encourage little ones to eat up, which is something parents all around the world can relate to!
The horned goat is coming to see the little children. (make horns on your forehead with your fingers)
Her legs go clop! clop! (stamp your feet like a goat)
Her eyes go blink! blink! (blink your eyes dramatically)
To those who don’t eat porridge, To those who don’t drink milk, To those children she will go.
butt, butt, butt! (tickle the children with your ‘horns’)