20 ways to entertain your baby

1. Babies are fascinated by faces. Cut out a large photo of someone’s face from a magazine and stick it in a place where your baby can easily see it, but not grab it. You’ll be surprised by how long this will fixate them.

2. Give your baby a massage. Undress them, lie them on a towel in a warm room and then cover your palms in oil (baby lotion or even olive oil will do). Put on some relaxing music and talk to her softly while you gently massage her arms, legs and torso with circular movements.

3. Put them in front of the TV. No, it’s not the act of a bad mum! Tellytubbies is designed for very young viewers and if it frees you up to make lunch, where’s the harm?

4. If it’s a warm day, put a bowl of water on the lawn and let your baby splash her hands in the water. Add bubbles for extra fun! But never leave a baby unattended near water.

5. Have a dance. Put your favourite song on, pick your baby up, and move her arms and legs in time to the music.

6. Give her scrunched-up paper to play with (but not newspaper because of the print) – babies love the rustling noise. A shiny, thermal blanket looks great and makes an even better sound (from camping stores or www.simplyhike.co.uk, £4).