Best of the rest: Plaid Cymru and the SNP

Want to know more about Plaid Cymru and the SNP and what their policies are? We’ve gone through their promises to find the bits that matter to you, from jobs to health and housing:

Plaid Cymru

  • Increase the personal income tax allowance by £1,000 over current level.
  • Remove British troops from Afghanistan.
  • Reduce prison population by investing in community rehabilitation projects.
  • Replace ASBOs with a system of restorative justice.
  • Focus on tackling causes of crime like poverty, addiction and educational underachievement.
  • Oppose university tuition fees.
  • Support ending SAT exams in Wales.
  • Make parental leave more flexible and gender neutral.
  • Support civil partnerships.
  • Oppose third runway at Heathrow.
  • Support the development of a National Violence against Women Prevention Strategy for Wales with more rape crisis centres.
  • Committed to an early years’ curriculum which emphasises learning through play.
  • Support the introduction of a compulsory modern language GCSE in secondary schools.

    Scottish National Party

    • Scrap ID cards.
    • Hold a referendum asking voters to vote on full independence for Scotland.
    • Give Scotland control of its own tax and spending policies
    • Oppose cuts to UK budget that could lead to lower spending on health in Scotland
    • Campaigns to block closure of local health services and increased funding for personal care to make sure it stays free.
    • Keep education budget to carry forward developed SNP policies, including smaller class sizes, more school construction, higher university funding, more university places and increased nursery provision.
    • Oppose tuition fees.
    • Support civil partnerships
    • Support a high-speed rail line for the UK with an extension to Scotland as part of the first phase.

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